Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What a pleasant SUPRISE from A Brewing Mind :D

Today I went home with a surprise in the mailbox!

A cute mail from Lillian! I instantly know it's her because of the MT tapes, the hello stamp and cute roundy writing!
Lillian!! How can you send it before me!? Wait for mine k!!

I love all the tapes that she uses! OPEN ME. awww.. I don't really wanna ruin the tape~~~ But okay.. I will open~

and omg there's so many things in there!

A handmade Xmas card by Lillian, a cutout angel for our Christmas tree, and some goodies :P

Lillian made some MT tapes magnets~

and gave me some MT stickers :D How sweet!!

I like the Christmas card because I can detach the heart shape thingy that Lillian made and hang it onto our Christmas Tree!

and I did! Pretty~~

What am I going to do with those MT stickies? It's so cute and I wanna show Lillian that I appreciate the gift so much, I decided to make something with it using whatever Lillian gave me :)

There you go!!!

A Mini Bunting!

Joe helped me to put my mini buntings up at my room door frame :)
Didn't know the door frame is actually magnetic! COOL!

I will smile every time now when I go into my room looking at the mini buntings :D
Love the pastel colours of blue and pink!

Thanks for giving me a BIG CUTE SMILE in the mail today Lil! I love my blogger friend hehe

Visit her blog for more inspirations!


ching∞ said...

a very very very pleasant surprise indeed! wow!

Jo Serwey said...


L said...

awww sweet sweet! hehe..i must comment here that You are talented! love the bunting you made spontaneously! :) :)

Jo Serwey said...

haha Lil! When you are happy, ideas just kept flowing~!