Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tea Time @ Guildford Village Tea Rooms, Guildford

It's been quite a while since Joe and I have had a day of doing nothing! We went to Midland Gate to have a stroll and munch. I'm a good girl today! I didn't shop much! I didn't even go to any clothing shops! Wow.. but I still bought something... haha who am I kidding right?
Guess what I bought?

Cadbury's Mini Animals and my favourite Clouds!
I haven't tried both of this before... so yea.. gonna fatten myself up with these :P
The reason why I bought the Cadbury is because of this!!!

Zippo hippo! You tricked me to buy this! Evil!

Anyway, a shopping mall is still a shopping mall. Everything is the same and nothing much to buy. So we left and heading to West Perth to get something for Christmas. We failed.

It's my fault haha because while we traveling along James St at Guildford, I spotted a row of shops with all kinds of beautiful antiques home decos displayed outside! I quickly asked Joe to find a parking spot because I wanted to have a look!

I'm glad that we stopped by because it was the best thing to happen today! I found so many beautiful things! I was so tempted to buy them! There were at least 4 antique shops, 2 vintage (new items) shops and 2 cafes.

I walked pass this particular shop just now and it caught my attention straight away!!

Yeap! Guildford Village Tea Rooms! The look from the outside wasn't that appealing until you have a closer look inside!

Now, have a peak!

Did you see old typewriter? Old style sewing machine? Some old China on the walls?

This is so cool! I am madly in love with vintage stuff (if you know me enough, I am kind of like a hoarder, I keep stuff. Really old stuff. :P )

It's like I'm entering another world! I like the fireplace even though it's fake!

The stove! Pots! Old style utensils!

I want a wall like this at home. haha

Now, since I went there for tea, I had 2 scones and a cup of tea for myself! Scones come with cream and 2 tiny packets of raspberry jam.

We were surprised why the jam was served like that in the packets :P Very commercial isn't it? haha but anyway, they served the scones warm so it's good. I'm not a scone expert so I'm not sure what a good scone tastes like. It is definitely different from the one I had before. This one is a bit like a bun x scones?

I walloped them all anyway :P

They have a wide selection in their menu, from breakfast to late lunch! So Joe and I will definitely be back!

So if you are a vintage lover, you should go there and have a look! I call it the Vintage Strips! You might find something that you like! Well, I have!! Joe had to stop me from buying the whole shop home :)

Guildford Village Tea Rooms
169 James Street, Guildford

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L said...

oh lovely!! vintage strips! nice nice! :)

Jo Serwey said...

im sure you will go there to get some goodies :D

Anonymous said...

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Breath taking country view with nice hot coffee and yummy scone. Every dish come with rose petals to "eat"... After breakfast can check out the weekend market just 5mins drive very interesting thing to see or buy.