Thursday, November 24, 2011

Taro Cake

As usual in the middle of the night, flipping cookbooks. Gosh I have to change this silly habit! Makes me so hungry every time. I was craving for Asian Dessert. Looking through most of the Asian cookbooks that I have and I saw this Steamed 5 spice Taro cake from Poh's Kitchen Cookbook!

Gosh.. it's been years since I had that! My mom used to make it at home quite often because we love it so much! Taro Cake is so so good for tea time, breakfast, supper, anytime really! Just love it!

Yes, bookmarked it and getting the ingredients! Made it yesterday!

Poh's recipe for this 5 spice taro cake is pretty easy to follow. Her recipe never fails me. I've tried quite a few of her recipe and it always taste good. I did the Best Banana Cake in the world cake before and taste divine~

So let's get started!

Setting up my bench :P and start cooking!

Stir fry ~ Stir fry~ Bubbling up! Steamed~

Sprinkle sprinkle~

There you go!

My Steamed 5 Spice Taro Cake! Colourful and taste sooooo gooooood!
I twitched the recipe a bit by adding a lil bit more 5 spice and added black pepper too because I like a bit of heat through it.

Served with Garlic Chilli Sauce and I'm..... MISSING MY MOM'S TARO CAKE!!

Anyway, mine is as good as mom's. SERIOUSLY! Just don't have the mother flavour hahaha
But I'm really happy that I can make this myself! I thought it will be difficult but actually it's quite easy! You can make this in less than 2 hours. (Because of 40minutes steaming)

So go try it! It's seriously delicious :D~


ching∞ said...

wah wah wah...! oh did you fry it after a day like what we did when we were kids? ;)

Jo Serwey said...

ermm... all in our stomach already.. haha no frying :P