Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Picnic Lunch from Robert Duval

Some of you might have already know through my Instagram that I had a lovely picnic with my cousin this afternoon!

I love picnics! Well, I think I should say I love beautiful picnics! Beautiful settings makes me happy! Me and my cousin did a simple plate up using Joe's parent's vintage plates & cheeseboard! I love the bright colours of the plates!

We didn't prepare the food though :P
I got all the delicious food from Robert Duval in West Leederville!

Robert Duval actually had a deal on months ago for a Gourmet Picnic Hamper!
I thought what a great idea and I'm really interested to know what and how the hamper will be like! :D

So I ordered through email last week and I went to pick up today. Easy!
There's 4 hampers to choose from. Celebration, Vegetarian, Wild & Rustic and Asian Hampers. (Serves 2) Me and my cousin go for the Celebration Hamper.

It comes in a big white cake box and inside is all the goodies! Napkins and forks provided too :D
I'm glad that the weather didn't play up today! It was gloomy and raining yesterday and the day before! Today is Sunny Sunny Sunny!~~ + windy actually hahaha

We packed up everything and there we go! Tomato Lake! My favourite park!
We picked a spot under a big tree with great lake view~!

I always wanted to have a nice western style picnic + good weather + good spot + beautiful plates and vintage looking cups! Oh! With my paper straw that I bought!
Plating up was fun! I think my cousin did a good job on the cheese board!

If you notice... we brought our lil toy too! Just to spice up our picnic experience :P

My cousin's favourite Wonder woman Horsey painted by her best friend and my Diana F+ with wooden hippo!

Yeah.. I think they were hungry while I'm photographing the food.. So I fed them with dried apricots. They were happy!

Anyway, finish posing the food and toys, we finally dug in to the delicious food!

Canape Platter - Pumpkin Feta Tartlet, Mushroom Fritata and Tom Yum Tuna Parcel

Crisp Bagel Crouton with Roasted Vegetable and Shaved Parmesan
(2 serves)

Potato Tortilla with Kng Prawn, Cucumber, Roma Tomato & Basil
(2 Serves)

Tasmanian Brie with Dried Fruit, Onion Jam and Water Crackers.
Strawberries with Chocolate Dipping Sauce and Baci Chocolates.

I love the Celebration Hamper! Everything taste delicious and just right for 2! Everything was nicely packed and ready to go. It is cold food so if you want it warm, you might need to warm it yourself. They are all cooked so you don't have to worry. Although I'm a hot food kind of person but I quite like it eventhough it's not warm. The food taste good! I especially love the Kng Prawn, Cucumber, Roma Tomato & Basil Salad and Crisp Bagel Crouton with Roasted Vegetable and Shaved Parmesan! They were delicious! Salad was fresh and refreshing with a touch of tom yum flavour. The bagel is just packed full of flavour! love it! :D

Even the duck couldn't resist.

Seriously, the duck kept coming nearer and nearer although we chase the duck away. The duck goes round and round trying to eat our food! So funny haha

It was nice to hang out in the park, chilling and talking nonsense to each other. Detoxing our brains :P

Other than that, we did some food face with crackers, cheese and raisins.


I found these gorgeous looking jug and glasses from Joe's store room yesterday! They were just super vintage!

Look at the details and how vibrant it is!

Am I getting old or what? Why am I fascinated with all these vintage stuff?
I like it probably because nobody really has it nowadays and they have such bold designs and colours. But to some extend, it is about memories :)

If you are going to have or want to surprise your love ones with a beautiful picnic, have a look at Robert Duval's website here.


Anonymous said...

How absolutely beautiful. I love a picnic. Would rather picnic than go to a restaurant!! Your dishes and glassware are beautiful! Now I know what I want to do for my birthday - just need to convince my partner!

Jo Serwey said...

Hi! Yeah! Birthday picnic would be lovely! Aww.. that is so romantic :) Hope you have a wonderful birthday picnic and take lots of photos!! :D

Bryt said...

that photo with the sunlight hitting the straw-like grass is gorgeous! And food looks delish :)

Jo Serwey said...

Thanks Bryt! :D