Thursday, November 24, 2011

Lenses for my iPhone 4s Yay!

iPhone 4 users! Photography Lovers! Anyone that has an iPhone and love taking photos with your iPhone!!! You are going to love this!

Okay, not the dinosaur. It's that 3 lil round black thing in the photo!

Take a deep breath and get ready! It is the lenses for iPhone! Wide lens, Macro, Fish Eye and Telephoto from Photojojo!

is my favourite website! They always stock the coolest photography stuff from camera bags to lo-fi lenses. Anything cool! I have bought quite a bit of stuff from this site before and I'm loving it. Quality is always good, quick delivery and reliable. Other than that, I love reading their
newsletter too! They have got some cool & creative photography techniques! I like to incorporate their ideas sometimes with some stuff that I've done.

Anyway, back to the iPhone lenses! Gosh they were great!
I unwrapped everything, took the lil dinosaur that they gave with me to the backyard and test out the lenses. Photos were not photoshopped or anything.

This is how the photo looks like taken straight from iPhone. Okay I added RAWR. -_-"

Now, I attached Fish Eye Lens to my iPhone.

The result!


Now Telephoto Lens.

Compared to the original photo, it is quite near!



Now test the last one! Wide and Macro!

Wide lens

and Macro Lens

You have to go really close to test this lens. Like.. about 1cm close. or else it's blur all the way :P

Next example of using the Macro lens.

The mini tiny weeny grass on the ground. See how close and clear i can get.

Super close and clear okay! Awesome stuff!

I am in love with my iPhone lenses really. For just 49usd for 4 lenses! INSANEEEE!

The only bad thing about it is.. the ring that they provide for you to stick around the iPhone lens ( works as lens adaptor but it's the mini magnetic lens adapter) is blocking the flash! Errr... But I wanna use flash sometimes!!

I guess I will need to use other light sources!
So yea, that's the only bad thing about it. Otherwise, it's great!!! Love the lens! If you are interested, here's the link! :D


Happy Shooting!! :D


ching∞ said...

wow damn cool indeed! you are always so updated with all these cool stuff!! chun!

S said...

ooh very cool, i bought some earlier iphone lens from photojojo but they were cheap plastic renditions, these look way better! and love the results from the macro especially :o)

Jo Serwey said...

Hey Steph! yea.. these were good!! I was amazed by the quality of it! You should get it! I totally love the Fish Eye effect, been using it quite a lot :D