Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dinner @ Squire Loft, Subiaco

Joe and I went to Squire Loft yesterday for dinner and it was great! Well, apart from some hiccups in between. Let you know later.

We got in and was greeted by the waitress with a lovely smile, then guided us to a table where is quite secluded and quite. Hey I love it! I was really happy with the seating because I like it AWAY from the crowds haha. Thanks for putting us there Squire Loft! I don't think they will read this but I am thanking them anyway haha


This is how it looks like from my table.
Anyway, the reason why we went there it is because I bought the voucher from some discounted website months ago and it is expiring end of the month! From the voucher that I bought, we will get a entree, 2 mains, 1 dessert, 2 glasses of wine and 2 cups of coffee or tea. Great deal I'd say. haha

So, we ordered our meal and were served 2 pieces of warm crusty bread to start with.

I love the bread! Good crust on the outside, warm and soft inside! Delicious! Good Bread!

We each have a glass of wine. Joe had the red, I had the white. I'm not a wine drinker.. So I didn't finish it, but nice to have a few sips :P

Joe and I were in a good mood during dinner! We chat and chat and laugh and chat! Before we realised, we have been chatting for 40 minutes! Hey! Where's my food?
Something is wrong here.. I was jokingly telling Joe, is that why they put us here where nobody can see us so that we can get our food last? That's not fair! I paid for my food too! Way earlier than anybody else!
Then we saw the table behind us got their food! Before us! Wait a minute... we came here first and ordered before they sat there! Something is wrong here..
After waiting for another 5 minutes.. Joe decided to ask one of the waitress at the bar (politely of course) if our meals are ready as we haven't have our entree yet. Waitress went to check our order in the kitchen, we waited for another 5 minutes and finally our entree came.

We have the Black Tiger Prawn Kebab
char-grilled with Squires Loft baste and served with garlic sauce on the side

Before talking about the dish... Let me rant for a bit here hehe. We got the dish, no sorry or anything. I was like hey.. we waited for 50 minutes for our entree man.. at least say sorry...?! But anyway, since we were in a good mood, we ate the prawns first :P

The PRAWNS were delicious!! I like it! Fresh prawns, grilled to perfection and the Squire Loft baste is yum! Love prawns! haha Yep! polished the whole lot.

As we were in a love is in the air mood, we decided not to complain or anything as probably they have made a mistake or something. Then a waitress came to us apologising to us. She told us they were really sorry about the wait, 50 minutes wait. It was unacceptable and they want to make it up to us by giving us a bottle of red! Awww that was nice~ But then I don't drink wine, so it's gonna be Joe drinking a whole bottle of red! So we asked in a cheeky way if we can have dessert instead of wine haha and guess what, they gave us a bottle of wine and 1 extra dessert :D

Well, I think it's fair right? We didn't complain about the 50minutes wait, in fact we are the lovely-est people! Smiling the whole time! Ok no vomiting on my site allowed. And! My tummy is happy to fit another dish always! Anyway, that's what we call a good customer service! Make the customer happy. :D

Our dishes came out really quick after that.

Our main, CAAB Angus Eye Fillet $55
Lovely lovely piece of meat. Asked for medium rare, and it was PERFECT.
Joe and I enjoyed the Eye Fillet alot. Not so much on the mushroom sauce though. But we still finish the whole lot :P

As for dessert, I had the Ice cream and hot mars bars sauce.

and Joe had the Sticky date pudding with ice cream and cream.

The Sticky date pudding it to die for. Warm soft pudding with the cold cold ice cream~ so delicious!!
As for mine, nothing special :P Regretted why I didn't order the sticky date pudding instead.

Overall experience was good. Food was good. A long wait because of some confusion but all good.
I will go back there again to try on other food and have the sticky date pudding again :D

Squire Loft
Shop 12F, 531 Hay Street
Subiaco, WA 6008
Ph 6380 1978

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ching∞ said...

good customer service for their mistake i must say! ;)

UdyRegan said...

At first when I read that you had to wait for a full 50 minutes followed by no apology, I was already turned off to visit this store. However, after reading your post until the end and discovered that they actually compensated your long wait with a full glass of wine plus an additional dessert, I must say that it was a wait well worth that full 50 minutes. I was at a storage in Perth once and I must say their customer service was boundless. They prioritise customer experience and they would try to do anything to keep their customers happy. That should be the correct way!