Monday, November 14, 2011

Dinner @ Canton Bay, Perth

While I was at work today, my colleague told me about this secluded romantic dinner place at Mounts Bay Road. I was thinking.. There's a Chinese restaurant on Mounts Bay Road? That must be new! I've tried googling it, but only found a phone number and address from Urbanspoon. So I rang them up, they said they are open, so I made a reservation for dinner!

Canton Bay restaurant opened 4 weeks ago and it is kinda hidden but not, and guess what? To make it easier for you, it is just next to the Jacobs Ladder!

Pretty impressive entrance there! But wait til you have a look inside!

Seriously classy inside! Comfortable seating and spacious.

A bar for people who just wanna chill out or have pre dinner drinks.

4 cute dining booth! I'm loving this booth! Joe and I sat in one of the booth. A lil romantic there~ :D

I like the design of the restaurant. Canton Bay's interior is actually quite intimate and a few wall divider splits the room into 3-4 sections for added privacy.

The service was excellent. Very attentive, very friendly and very polite! The owner of the restaurant always has a big smile on his face :)

Anyway, the menu was quite huge, but we decided to go with the Banquet for 2, $39 each person. The owner recommended Joe to have the Mango Beer too, because it goes well with the food that we are going to have.

I love the Mango Beer! Refreshing and not too sweet! But for Joe, he still prefers the man's beer yea. haha

Our Banquet consist of 2 entrees, 4 mains with some fried rice. It sounds like a lot isn't it? Honestly, it was quite a lot! :P But we still managed to finish the lot!

For entree, we each get a plate of this.

2 spring rolls and fried oyster with dipping sauce.
I quite like the fried oyster, tasted fresh and nicely fried :)

Second entree is the Jelly fish with shredded chicken and some pickled vegetables.
This is a generous bowl of salad! The salad is fresh and tasted refreshing and it goes well with the jelly fish and chicken pieces. I like this dish!

As for our mains.. we had the Hong Kong Bay Style King Prawns.
The prawns were cooked just nice, but the batter absorbs abit too much oil. :P

Stir fry mixed vegetables. I like the way they stir fry the veges. It was still crunchy, taste and look really fresh too!

Stir fry beef slices with wasabi and mustard sauce.
Interesting dish! I like the way they put the wasabi peas as garnish as well! Look appetizing :)

Pork with Peking Sauce.
A typical western style Chinese dish. Taste good, meat was really tender and done well with the garnish!

Oh and a bowl of fried rice each.
I like the fried rice! fragrant and cook just right.

Although it was a bit too much for us and we still managed to finish it but I must say the banquet is really good in value. Generous serving and tasted good too! The whole dining experience was nice and relaxing.

I will go back again to try the rest of the food. Especially snow crab hehehe...

The highlight for tonight is probably me stupidly suggested to have a "stroll" on Jacobs Ladder after a "fulfilling" dinner. Funny thing was Joe had no idea how long the ladder was and he agreed to have a "stroll" with me.

and we ended up taking a u-turn back down when we are half way up the stairs. :P
I'll be smarter next time. hehe

Canton Bay Chinese Restaurant
120 Mounts Bay Road,
Ph: 9486 9699

Canton Bay Chinese on Urbanspoon


Sab said...

I must drive past this restaurant all the time and also had no idea it was there! What a great find, the booths do look romantic ;) Will have to try that out...

Chompchomp said...

Same here, I had no idea this restaurant was hidden in there either. What a little gem!

Jo Serwey said...

Hey Sab Hey Chomp!
Let me know what you think about it!
My aunt said the style of cooking is quite westernised.. as they tried the ala carte.

I thought the meal for 2 deal was good haha