Saturday, November 19, 2011

Dinner @ The Brown fox, West Perth

I went to The Brown Fox with Joe and Frances to have a nice dinner last week. If I'm not mistaken, this place is used to be Onyx bar. Now look at this place! Such nice restaurant and bar!

I like the nice romantic yellow lightings, simple and clean deco. Spacious and comfortable!

The Brown Fox is separated into 2 parts. The bar area and the dining area. While I was there, I saw lots of people standing at the bar but nobody is actually sitting down. Weird haha.. Probably easier for them to mingle around, but if it's me, I will be the first one to grab a table, sit down and enjoy talking with my drink. :)

We were served each a bun to start with. Then we go on and order our meals.

For entree, we started with a Flight of Three.

Rabbit and pistachio terrine, Pork and hen terrine, Duck liver parfait, accompany with picalilly, pickled onion with cornichon and some rye bread.

I like the rabbit and pistachio terrine better than pork and hen in terms of taste. Pork and hen have stronger meat taste than the rabbit terrine.

As for mains, Joe had the duck and mushroom pie with smoked tomato compote.
I didn't try on this dish, but i like the execution of it! :P

Frances had the Rib eye 350g with paris mash.
I had a bite of it, it was not bad! medium rare and juicy.

I had the Smoky pork chop with Braised cabbage and mustard, fennel and apple compote.
I like my dish! The pork chop was great! Smoky and tender! I was glad it wasn't dry at all! Happy with the standard. The braised cabbage goes really well with the pork. Unfortunately, I'm not too keen on the apple compote.

For sides, we have beans and frites to share.

We were so full after the mains but I'm up for a dessert! Thats the best way to finish up a meal with sweetness in your tummy~!

Dessert for me and Frances!

Don't they look lovely? I love my Strawberries dessert with fairy floss! :P Refreshing!

Overall, The Brown fox is a nice place to go and in our opinion, we felt the food is good and we consider it as a high class pub. Nice atmosphere and friendly service.

The Brown Fox

Ph 9425 5222
72 Outram Street West Perth

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Did you go to the brown fox on a wednesday? The only reason i ask is that i went there on wednesday too, I remember that group of people.

I had the pork chop too and it was really yummy.

Jo Serwey said...

OMG Simon you serious? where were you sitting? Yea, I think I went to Wednesday! haha what a small world!

Onanist said...

The WHAT and Mushroon Pie!!

Jo Serwey said...

Bahahahah Ops!! Duck!!!