Monday, November 7, 2011

Bum Bum

I fall down twice today straight to the bum! My pants got wet and I didn't cry at all! In fact I was laughing my ass off! :D
You must be thinking I have gone crazy!

Here! Look at the photo below and you will know why.

Yes I went ice skating! It was hell fun! I bought the voucher from Living Social yonks ago and finally got to use it~!

Feeling quite excited as I have never Ice Skate before! Wore my Ice skating shoes and there we go! Skate our asses away!

Actually I walked more than I skate. Blocking everybody because I walk, skate and stop everywhere!

Oh, and I (We) fall a lot too!
Summer is here soon! Go to Perth Ice Arene and have some fun!! Burn calories too :P

Perth Ice Arena

708 Marshall Road,
Ph: 9248 9060

This is not an advert post.


Bryt said...

lol, always good fun. I bought those vouchers too, I better use mine soon as well!!

Jo Serwey said...

haha better go soon before summer :D