Saturday, November 19, 2011

Perth Trip with Family

I've been naughty for not writing this post as soon as possible! That's because I know it's going to be a very long post and I have to go through all the photos, pick out the relevant + good ones before I could post it up.

So now.. finally! A post about my family came over to visit me in September for 8 days :)
I actually have a timetable for their trip that I prepared like months ahead just in case i missed out anything!

Anyway, a 8 days Family Perth Trip was the best holiday! Reasons being able to plan where to go and where to eat for my family, taking care of my family and make them feel as comfortable as I can at home and most importantly spending quality time together and letting them experience my life here in Perth!

First Day

I was so excited and happy for the first day of their arrival at 6am, tidy up the house and made their bedrooms as homey as I can and baked the lemon cupcakes for them in the middle of the night so they can have it fresh in the morning! Did up a chalk board last minute using a unused photo frame! I think it turned out okay since it's a rush job haha

At around 6am, I picked up my family from the airport and headed straight back home to let them rest after a midnight 5-6 hours flight, I'm pretty sure they need a nap :)
Got home, I showed them around the house. Show them their bedrooms, toilets, backyard and played with Karzan (the dog)!

After that, they unload all the goodies that they brought for me all the way from Malaysia! Lots and lots of food! Recipe books! and some baking goods too!

While my parents and my brother taking their beauty nap, I took my sis out for a walk around the neighbourhood, then to Bunnings nearby to see the plants section! My family love flowers and plants. :) Took a short walk back home and at around noon, after their beauty nap, we headed out to Northbridge to have Vietnamese food at Phong Vinh.

The picture above is Fried Bamboo Shoot with Prawn paste wrapped around it.
They enjoyed the food there and they totally loved the Grilled Pork broken rice. :D
Glad to see them liking it!

Since it was just the first day, I didn't plan much for it. Just brought them walk around Northbridge, showed them the shops that Joe and I always go to get food and got some steamboat ingredients for dinner!

Regretted for not taking a photo of our steamboat dinner! We even had our Griller BBQ on to cook pork bulgogi, prawns and scallops! Oh and we watch God of Cookery by Stephen Chow too! My favourite movie of all times! I watched the movie for like.. uncountable times.

Second Day

Second day is a shopping day at Harbour Town. The cheapest buy in Perth. But somehow I don't think it's as cheap as last time anymore. Clothes shopping is probably not my family thing. Didn't get much clothing but instead they've got lots of kitchenware! For themselves and as a gift to their friends.

Weather was not doing good too, it rains. :(
But good thing is they got some goodies, so we headed home and let my parents to have a rest before dinner.

We went to Took Bae Kee for dinner at around 7pm along with my cousin Jilyne!
Photo above she's pouring soju for us. :D

We enjoyed our dinner! We had so much food! Dumplings, spicy squid and more! We couldn't finish all of it but it was soooooo good!

Third Day

Joe & Jilyne were with us on the third day! We picked up the Hyundai 8 seater van from Budget and off we go! To Mundaring!

First stop, is the famous patisserie/ boulangerie/cafe Le Croissant in Gooseberry hill!
It's worth a visit! Because the cafe is further away from the city and it's not on the main road, you can really feel you are on a holiday! With a bite of delicious pastry and a sip of coffee.. you will be the happiest person on earth :D

Look at the pastry!

Delicious isn't it?

After that, we drove around, exploring the town abit and arrived the Mundaring Dam. It was quite a scene! Beautiful Dam and it's just peaceful.. except for me, my sister and my cousin making noise all the while, jumping and running everywhere. Ops! Just too happy hehe.

That place is so nice, I couldn't resist, I just had to take at least one family photo there! Good thing is I had my cousin Jilyne there to take the shot for me. Well, better than me setting up everything, hit the timer, and me running all the way to join my family! ( I did that countless times b4 haha I think I'm expert at it already)

But this time, I positioned my family, have the settings and angle right for Jilyne.
This is what she took!

Good job isn't it? I love the photo so so much! Thanks Jilyne!

We walked around that area, saw some kangaroo with their iconic sexy pose.
Love it.

We did stopped over at a few places to look see around. But we just had to leave because of the rain. The sky is not doing any good, rain and sunny rain sunny. -_-"

So we drove to Mt Lawley to have our lunch at Cantina 663. Other than the stupid rain, it was great!

Then we had quite a few hours to spare before we have our dinner, so we went to Claremont Quarter to have a quick stroll. We actually went to Cottesloe too but it was just pouring! Seriously pouring.

My family quite like Claremont Quarter except everything there was slightly pricier. Good to have a stroll though :P

Saw the biggest mushroom ever too.

Oh, we had our dinner at Izakaya Sakura in Northbridge. One of my favourite Japanese restaurant in Perth. :)

Fourth Day

Woke up with a no-stress holiday mood in the morning, looking at the sunny sky, yes! No freaking rain! Good time!

Had our breakfast at Royal Seafood Restaurant to have Dim sum. Again, I ate too much. But it's all good! I will have the whole week workout by bringing my family around :P It's great!~

After that we went to Cottesloe and had the greatest family portrait! Usually my family (and I) not really a photo person as we will be so stiff when a camera put right in front of us. But this time, we were all Au Naturale, probably because I told them months before they came over that I wanted our family portrait taken when they are here. They were pretty happy with it! Plus the photos are taken ourselves so it helps too :D

After a fun and full of laughters photo sessions at Cottesloe, we headed to Freo to have Fish and Chips, met up with my family friend Wei Ching and Freo Markets.

Then Dinner at Hawkers Cuisine, in Northbridge with my cousins Jilyne, Seon and his girl Eva.

After the long day, we all headed home for games!! Ping Pong and Card game Saboteur! It was fun!

Then of course, it's time to bring out the dessert that I've prepared for them!
Chocolate Delice!

It was the most chocolatey chocolate in my life! (Good thing is not overly sweet!) Definitely for Chocolate Lovers!! My family loves it! Thanks to Billy's Recipe! Glad that I found the Gold leaf from The Grocer about 2 months ago! The gold leaf just gives the chocolate slices a lift on the looks!

Fifth Day

On the fifth day of our family holiday, Joe and I brought family to the Orchard Glory Farm Resort in Mooliabeenee! I actually got to know about this place from those website that offers special deals on accommodations. It was a great deal that time when I bought it and I thought to myself, why not try some where different instead of Margaret River and Albany where everybody goes. hehe. Although the website of Orchard Glory look abit crappy but honestly, when I got there, it was lovely! beautiful scenery, lots of fruit trees, there's BBQ pit for you to use, comfortable resorts and you get to feed the animals! :D

On the way to Mooliabeenee

In Orchard Glory Farm Resorts

Our common area and bedroom

Joe made New York Sandwich and chicken liver parfait that I made. Recipe from Billy.
Lovely lovely tea time!

My mom and sis were so happy when they saw the mulberry tree! Apparently Mulberries only last for a few weeks and we are lucky to pick them fresh! Taste lovely!

The resort and the van. Oh, and us!

Orange trees and the goose.

Oranges, Lemons and Mulberries!

Fire place, Chips and Jenga!

The Alpaca doesn't want to have a photo taken with my brother :P *run*

Me feeding alpacas

Alpaca spitting on Joe!
Apparently they have the alpacas there to protect the sheeps from getting attack from other animals. Well, this black alpaca is definitely doing his job! *spit*spit*
Joe was actually just walking around, but alpaca no likey!

Found a beautiful tree! My family happily or maybe being forced by me to have a family portrait taken here! hehe Never let an opportunity go! Am I right?

Mommy and Daddy

Dinner time! We had BBQ (we prepared the food at home at brought it there) and my sister is cooking fried rice for us!

We had chicken wings, lamb cutlet, kimchi pork, chicken, salad and fried rice! DIRISHIOUSS

Mom and dad playing Jenga! It's their first time playing it! They looked so sweeeet! Had to take a photo of them playing hehe.

While the kids played saboteur! Screwing each others mind! :D

Sixth Day

The weather playing up again on the Sixth Day. Making our journey to Swan Valley not really easy. Getting in and out the car, having drops of rains on us and windy weather is making us tired haha but we still managed to stop at quite a few places in Swan Valley! So we actually did a good job :P

Houghton's winery

Chocolate Factory

Cuddle animal farm.

Been to some other places too but I'm lazy to post the photos :P The photos looking a bit crap too because of the rain. Opsy~

Seventh Day

On the seventh day of our trip, we were feeling a bit drained already. Looking a bit tired and the weather is gloomy. But we still managed to have a lovely delicious breakfast at Toast in East Perth. We had a short walk around East Perth, then we went to city for a short shopping trip. Then after that, I brought them to Kings Park to have a coffee.
and the best part of the day is having Hong Kong Bay Style Snow Crab at the Royal Seafood Restaurant! Oh so yummmmm!


Newton Circle for lunch and played some scratchies.

Kings Park

me and my sis

HK Bay Style Snow Crab, Steam Scallop with Vermicelli, Silver fish soup.

8th Day - Last Day

On the last day of their holiday, I was feeling a bit sad but happy at the same time. Sad because they are leaving, Happy because I have my family with me in Perth! Unfortunately, I have to accept that they are leaving next day early morning. So I have to make the last day to the fullest!

I brought them to Spencer Village, a place that Joe and I often go to when we want a cheap, quick and yummy Asian fix.

Brought them to the Organic Health shop in Mt Lawley.

and we shopped more!! My sis and bro using the self checkout for the first time!

Had our dinner at Bluewater Grills in Applecross. We absolutely in love with the big blocks of garlic bread! The best I've ever had!

The next day early morning before the sunrise, dropped them off at the airport. Had to wave bye bye to them and see them go into the airport. I have avoided following them in and chose to just dropped them off because I know my tears will flow like tap. I'm glad I've made the right decision. hehe. I've wet my sleeves. Both sides.

I hope they can come again to visit me in the future. I miss them here. :)


fiery said...


eh the last photo damn nice lehhh

Jo Serwey said...

haha thanks! i took them myself :P

ching∞ said...

*teary* all the photos look awesome!! :)

thank you thank you thank you wey & joe!

Jo Serwey said...

haha je glad you liked it!

Mans said...

Wonderful photos! And nice to see you had a wonderful time with your family. Lovely family!

I'm sure you had fun showing them around and now missing them loads.

Jo Serwey said...

Yeaps Mans! I had a few days weirdness waking up in the morning finding my family is not in the living room! I miss them! :)

sarah x said...

Wow, a great post, your photos especially your family ones are beautiful. and your family adorable( my fav pic is your mum and
Thanks for sharing with us.

Mags said...

Hi Jo

The photos are great but the ones of your family under the tree and on the bed and your mum and dad playing Jenga are fantastic - I'm sure you'll have them framed! At least they're not too far away and you get to go to Malaysia!

Jo Serwey said...

Thanks Sarah & Mags!!!
Your comments made my day! :D

home builder perth said...

Looking back and having read about your trip, I am quite happy that you and your family enjoyed Perth. It gives me a sense of warmth and happiness in hearing so. You are welcome back in Perth.

Anonymous said...

Chanced upon your blog, nice one. I like the photo you took. Especially family shots . I am going to Perth next year with my hubby n daughter . Looks like it is a great place for holiday , looking so forward to it :)