Saturday, October 1, 2011

My 2 Girlies Big Day

Last week Saturday was 2 of my friends big day! One is celebrating 30th and the other celebrating 26th! They decided to have a big party together and have a great night with friends!

They have been planning it a month before their birthday and I'm glad to be part of their "ideas team" :P I love planning parties! From searching for a great place to hold a party to beautiful decorations! It was great fun :D Of course they did most of the planning.. I'm just there to help them when they need opinions :)

While they are busy with planning, I was busy designing greeting cards for them! The birthday girls wants their friends to be able to write a lil birthday note for them on that day, so I thought I can do up something like that for them as a birthday gifts!

and this is what I did for them!

This is the rough set up at the party. Went there few hours earlier to help out with the settings and decorations.

Got them a wooden alphabet C and J, and a nice vintage looking tin for their friends to drop in their cards.

and of course I designed the cards for them! The cute 30c ice cream stamp mail for Cecile and the yummy 26c Cupcake for Jenny!

As for pens.. because I couldn't find any pens to suit, I printed the polka dot design on the sticker paper and stick them to Joe's favourite UNI pens :P turns out quite good! Although the pens were last minute job.

and to make the party more interesting, Joe and I created a Ice Breaking Game for everyone to play. It was a successful game! Everybody mingle around and ask the randomest questions just to find out who is who! (For the card game anyway)

The guys at the party was impressed with the cards! They asked Joe where did he get the cards from! Wow! I'm impressed with my 2 hours card design!! Which includes quick search on google for characters (Don't sue me pls! :P) design the cards, planning the rules with Joe, type it out, print (double sided too!) and cut!

Not bad huh? haha

If you wanna know how to play the games, you can read this.
Basically you will get 2 cards. 1 is Find your Character and 2 is This is your Character.
Let say the Character that you need to find is a Gangster, you will need to go around and ask questions that relate to Gangster. Rules is you can't ask "Who is the Gangster or Are you the Gangster".
As for Your Character, you just need to answer whatever questions the other ask but you cannot reveal your character (eg. Yes I am Dracula) til the end of game.

Hope I explain it clearly haha

Anyway, the party was a success!! Everybody enjoyed themselves! Having lots of drinks and food and lots of laughters~! I love parties~!! (Not the drunken style)

Have a good weekend people!!! :D

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