Saturday, October 15, 2011

Billy & Peter from Masterchef in Perth!

Alright guys and girls, Masterchef fans in Perth! Billy and Peter from Masterchef Season 3 are here in Perth! Before I continue writing this post, just wanna remind you tomorrow (Sunday 16 Oct) is their last cooking workshop at Coles, Park Centre in Victoria Park! 11am-2pm!
So make sure you head there to meet them! They are so funny and friendly! Love them both! :D

Plus, you get to try the food that they cooked! All delicious! Seriously!

Anyway, I went to today's cooking workshop at 9am-12pm! I dragged my cousin along with me to support Billy and Peter's workshop! I asked them to have a photo taken with us
before they started cooking :)

2 tall guys and 2 shorties :P

Chatted for a bit before the workshop started at around 9 something. More and more people came to see them cook! It was fun! We get to gossip, eat, talk about where to find good food and everything else!

For the first dish, I helped Billy skewer the prawns & Chorizos ready for cooking :)
This dish is absolutely easy to make and it was delicious!! You can get the recipe tomorrow at the workshop if you are interested.

Next dish is the Smoked Salmon in the cocktail cups prepared by Peter!

Oh this is delicious too!!! I had 2!! Nom Nom.. :P

Third dish, the Coke Chicken!

This dish probably is a good talking topic for everyone when you have some friends over for a dinner! It's a chinese stir fry chicken but cooked with coke! Interesting isn't it?
I had a taste of it and it taste like what my mom cooked at home :) mmm... miss my mom :P

Fourth dish, the Garlic Prawns!!

Smell so so so good while Peter was cooking it. Perfectly cooked prawns and the sauce was delicious!! I can have a whole plate of it!

Then we had Peter's barbequed marinated lambs with some feta and salads.

and Billy's Thai Beef Mango Salad Lettuce Wrap

Yummy yum yum! The Thai dressing is to die for! I'm making it!!! One day! :P

After that, they had a short rest and we started gossiping! About Masterchef of course! It was hilarious the things that they share. We talked about who's the favourite contestants, their favourite Judges and Guest Judges and what actually happen in the Masterchef house!

Anyway, we talked and they cooked at the same time after that and the next dish is Peter's Fish Curry and a mystery box challenge for Billy. Peter asked one of the kid from the crowd to go to the fruit and vege section in Coles to pick a random vege for Billy. He went in and got a Chokoes!

I had no idea what is it and so does Billy! He had never tried it before! Peter cooked it before and his mom even plant in at home and grow to a beautiful vine/fencing! He said you will never be hungry haha. and one lady from the crowd said she always use it for chicken soup.

Billy looked at it and started peeling the skin off and cut it into slices. He had no idea at all until he took a bite and said, this actually alright! Taste like apple! Instantly, he pickled it and made it into a salad dish! This is what we call a Masterchef ey!

Chokoes salad is delicious! haha to me and my cousin, it taste like a apple x green mango. Interesting!

Lastly, Peter made Strawberry Eton Mess. Yum Yumzzzz
Recipe is available too at the workshop :)

Billy did Mango and Passionfruit Eton Mess after the Coke Chicken but I have forgotten to take a photo of it. Yeap, I was too eager to try the Eton Mess. Delish and refreshing!

and guess what! I'm going to make it later!!! Wait for my next post! :D

Remember to go to Coles Vic Park tomorrow at 11am-2pm!!! Great fun!!

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