Monday, September 26, 2011

Postcard from my blog buddy Lillian

Such a great feeling when I got a postcard from my blog buddy Lillian last week!

We know each other through our blogs! She has a crafty blog call A Brewing Mind and I have a foodie/everything else blog :P

How did we know each other?
It was back in September 2010, Lillian commented on one of my post which is the post about City of Bloom. I clicked on her blog to see who she was and from then on, I read her blog daily. I became her dedicated follower! :D

Both of us have quite a few things in common :) She loves baking (I do too~!) She loves crafts (Me too! Me too!) and we both love sharing pretty and happy things!! She is a very nice and friendly girl although I haven't met her before haha :P I can sense it!
Ohhhmmmmm~! hehe kidding

I can't believe we've known each other for a year!! Felt like just months ago!

Oh anyway, I think I'm a bit out of the topic here.. :P
The reason why she sent me a postcard it is because she went to USA for a few weeks with her bestie for a holiday!!! Jealousssss... I did asked her to packed me along.. but I was too late..

Thanks Lillian for the postcard! I will send you one next time if I ever travel to other countries! :P

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L said...

lol, Jo! thanks for this post! i just saw it now :P made my day!! :D :D