Sunday, September 4, 2011

Loving it

Recently, I'm crazily in love with using Instagram from my iphone.

Instagram is really easy to use, it has different kind of filters, really easy to upload your photos to Facebook, Twitter and Flickr! Just one click!

If you have notice on the right side of my blog, there's a section I named "Daily Excitements". That's the place that I will upload photos pretty much on-the-go. It's like my mini photo blog that I will update daily! (Well, hopefully :P)

Anyway, I've been busy around the house cooking and cleaning. After a whole day of doing things around the house, we were amazed that we were able to cook 4 meals that day!

This is what we did on Sunday..

Not from Instagram.

We made Char Siu Rice for Breakfast. Yes.. My favourite Sorrowful Rice again.. from God of Cookery. :P

From Instagram

Then we did a couple of hours of gardening. cutting grass, pulling weeds, get rid of a few dead plants.

From Instagram

Then back to the kitchen, clean & scrub the mussels then cook it.

From Instagram

So during lunch time, we had Chilli Mussels with garlic bread.

From Instagram (My sister asked why is my soup black. Okay people, it's because I used a filter on it. The soup is red, so don't freak out)

And for dinner, we had Asam Laksa! My cousin Eileen came over too for dinner.

I made a stupid mistake while preparing this dish and the story goes like this. I bought a packet of Asam Laksa paste from Swansea Market, I put the paste and water into the pot to boil. I had a tiny sip and thought, Hey! I should put more prawn paste in there to make this soup base "TO THE NEXT LEVEL"!! So I looked in the pantry for my recent bought bottle of prawn paste! I was so happy, I scoop a big spoonful of it and stir it in...

Then I took another sip.

O_O <---- Horror face

My soup taste like Rojak!!! OMFGLOL ok it's freaking not funny.
So happen Joe was there while I had this face O_O
I looked at him and said HOWWWWWWWW!!!!

He looked up the recipe online, and told me we have all the ingredients at home. We ended up chopping the ingredients and make our own Asam Laksa paste from scratch.
Oh and Joe saved my pot of Asam Laksa soup too. :P
Thank gowd.

From Instagram

After dinner, I made the custard for Eileen's Puff Pastry. Nom nom.

From Instagram

The last cooking of the day is Carrot cake made by Eileen and Joe!

Not from Instagram

A big one!

Amazing how much we can do in 1 day. hahaha
*Proud* :D

How was your weekend? :)


tickledpinkpig said...
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tickledpinkpig said...

u guys can really cook!!!! *envious

Jo Serwey said...

Food is our religion hahahaha such a pig hahaha