Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Finally!! XD

After 7 years of living in Perth, my family finally coming to Perth to visit me!!
In fact, they are on the plane now, arriving at around 5.30am in the morning!
Ooo how exciting!! XD

I've been planning on their trip, like where to go and what to eat! No joke, I've been planning for months! I even have a timetable for it! Just a little too excited :P

To welcome them, I've made them Lemon Cupcake from the Masterchef Season 1 cookbook. Finish just 30 minutes ago! Fresh from the oven :D
Cupcake with a cup of tea! Mmmm... Hope it's nice hehe

I guess I won't be updating my blog for about a week! I'll be very busy being my family's tour guide! But I will still do photo updates on Flickr (right side of my blog). Do check it out daily! Or you can follow me on Instagram! Just look for 'myweyoflife' and follow me! :D



Mans said...

Been following your blog but probably the first time I have commented? You're a gorgeous kind hearted person!
Always thinking about others. :)
Enjoy having your family around!
And keep doing what you're doing. (Eating and blogging about the amazing food you eat!)

Jo Serwey said...

This is the best comment that I've ever had!! Thanks Mans! You made my day!! XD