Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dinner @ P'tite Ardoise Bistro, Highgate

P'tite Ardoise Bistro is absolutely my good find of the week! I drove passed last week and saw the used to be German Restaurant-Alt Heidelberg then a Steak House-Beaufort St Steak House is now a French Bistro-P'tite Ardoise! Excited to see a new restaurant open up again and I can be sure this one is going to be here VERY VERY LONG!! :D

Joe and I went there with friends last Friday and it was packed! Crazily busy!! We book for 8.30pm dinner. When we were at our table waiting for our food, we still see people coming in for dinner and that was around 9.30pm!


Warm Scallop Crab and Herbs Timbale with Mussel and Cockles Safranes

Soup of the Day : Sweet potato with pistachio

Snails Cooked My Way

Entrees were good. I like the Warm Scallop Crab and Herbs Timbale with Mussel and Cockles Safranes then the Snails and then least of all, sweet potato soup. Unfortunately, the soup was a bit bland that night.

As for the Mains, we had..

Casserole of the Day
Lamb shoulder, duck, pork and sausages

Fillet mignon
WA beef tenderlion wrapped in straky bacon, fondant potato, shiraz just and bearnaise

Roast Chicken lef on Mash potato, jerusalem artichoke, tarragon sauce

Slow cooked beef cheek on mash, lentil de puy, braising jus

and some vegetables to share.

We were very impressed by the mains that we had! It was delicious! Joe had the Casserole and he absolutely loves it! The texture of the meat was beautiful, they cooked it just right, the meat just falls off the bone, the white beans gives the dish the earthy flavour, and with the breadcrumbs and cheese, it lifts the dish even better.
I had a bite of the Mignon and Beef Cheeks, it was cooked beautifully! Tasty and juicy!
As for my Roast Chicken, I love the tender meat inside and crispy skin on the outside. Tarragon sauce go so well with the mash and chicken. I wish I had more sauce!

Last but not least.. Dessert... :)

Poire Belle Helene
Poached pear served with chocolate sauce and ice cream

Creme Brulee

Desserts were to die for! I love love love the Creme Brulee! The best I've ever tried!! Love the little bitterness of the burnt sugar!! Okay, lets not say burnt :P but torched! A mouthful of the sugar crust and creme.... OMG it's so good! I love it!

Overall, I love this place! While I was in there, I felt like I'm in Paris! Waiters speaking French, some customers speaking French, French decorations everywhere! Service was okay, took them 20-30 minutes to take our orders probably because it's just too busy. Seating wise, the tables were too close together, my friends need to squeeze between the tables to get out. Not classy yea. :P
and food, it was great! from Entree (So-so) to Mains ( Nice!) to Dessert (OMG SO YUM!)

I am definitely going back there again as they change their menu quite often. Oh and I forgot to tell you they have 2 menus, Classics and Daily Menu. Check out their menu on their website!

P'tite Ardoise Bistro
283, Beaufort St, Highgate
Ph 9228 2008
Trading hours:
Tue - Sat from 6:00pm

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