Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dinner @ Nobu, Crown Casino

This post is super late and I've probably forgotten how every dishes taste like now but I am still going to put the pictures up here since I've already taken photos of every dishes. :)

New restaurant in Burswood, as usual, very very beautiful entrance! Elegant and classy!
But was thinking how difficult it is to clean those beautiful balls!

This is the Sushi bar. There's around 4 or 5 sushi chef at the sushi bar. If I'm really rich one day, I will sit at the sushi bar and have all the sushi in the menu! :D If!

Now, because I've kinda forgotten how most dishes taste like (it was 3 weeks ago), I will just named the dishes (probably there will be 1 or 2 that is incorrect :P forgive me!) and I will let you know which are my favourite dishes!

As a foodie, it is better for you to go with some friends, that way you can try as much dishes as you can! I went there with 5 of my girl friends and it was great! We've tried so many dishes and I felt satisfied! :D

The menu goes from Cold to Hot then Sweets.
For the Cold Section, we've tried 4 different dishes. They were all great.
They were mostly sour/salty light dishes which is appetizing and makes you ready for the heavier meal. I like it :)

Salted Edamame

New Style White Fish

Salmon Dry Miso

Spicy Miso Chips Ocean Trout

Tuna Tataki with Tosazu

and now for the Hot Dishes. We had 7 dishes with 2 plates of sushi.

Salmon Skin Salad <-- Love this. :D

Scallops with Spicy Garlic Sauce

Tasmanian Ocean Trout with Crispy Spinach

Creamy spicy crab

Seafood Tobanyaki

Oven roasted pork belly with caramalised miso

The Very Famous Black Cod Miso. $46
Good Cod honestly, but the price is a bit of a killer :P
All of us love this Black Cod Miso!

House special maki sushi roll

Some kind of Pineapple shot on the house :)

Desserts!!! Yes! Every one loves desserts!! I always think that dessert will be the one or most of the time anyway, that determines if the restaurant gives a good impression or worth coming back. To me, yes. I love their dessert especially this one below.

Ichigo Pannacotta with Yuzu Granita
It's refreshing, delicious and packed full of flavour!

Bento box with green tea ice cream and goma tuille
Love the Chocolate Fondant. Really good!

Miso Cappuccino with Vanilla Ice cream and Cappucino Foam

Banana Harumaki with Goma Ice Cream and Passionfruit Coulis

Satandagi filled with White Chocolate and Ginger, Coffee Ice Cream and Raspberry Coulis

Soya Sauce Ice Cream
All of us was impressed with this. Never imagine Soya Sauce can be used in making ice cream!

Overall, we enjoyed dining at Nobu, service was very friendly. One thing I'm not used to it was most of the waitresses/waiters looked a bit too young for a fine dining place like Nobu. Not complaining :) just not used to it.

If you haven't tried Nobu, well you really should! You are a foodie if you are reading my blog haha. Let me know what you think!

Burswood Entertainment Complex,
Great Eastern Highway, Burswood,
Western Australia,6100
Ph +61 8 9362 7551


L said...

WOAH! so many dishes of yummy looking food! :D

Carven a.k.a. Dim Sum Q said...

That dish that you forgotten the name, would that be something to do with Mentaiko?

Bryt said...

I lurrrved Nobu. I went on Friday and yes it was pricey, but oh so worth it!!!

Jo Serwey said...

L: hey! Nobu is really worth going! you should try it one day! :D

Dim Sum Q: I thought it looked like Mentaiko, but I remembered there's actually lobster or crab in it! haha I had Mentaiko at Izakaya Sakura in northbridge though :P

Bryt: yea! I read your post! Good post!!! makes me hungryyyyy... :P

Jo Serwey said...

Oo! my friend helped me with the name of the dishes! yay!

Mandy said...

Hi Jo! :D

I really love your posts! I always come here to see what you wrote before trying new places :D

also, may I ask how much was the dinner altogether? Because I'm planning to have my birthday dinner there and am still not decided yet! and also, do you need to book in advance, like quite a few days early?

Thanks :) x

Jo Serwey said...

Hi Mandy!
the dinner was quite pricey haha
for 6 of us, it was around 500++ but we had tried a lot of dishes! and of course, we had 2 plates of black cod miso to share too (so thats already 100 bucks :P).
oh and yes.. please book way in advance. it's still quite a popular place to go to hehe.. so make sure you book it early! Have a lovely birthday celebration! you will enjoy it :D
Oh! and thanks for visiting my blog! Nice to meet u!

Jessica said...

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Greengrass said...

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