Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Breakfast @ Tempting Thyme Cafe, Mt Lawley

Did a lil search on Urbanspoon this morning to look for somewhere in Mt Lawley for breakfast and found this vegetarian cafe that serves mostly organic food. Something different this time! :D Go for the healthy option! kudos to me!

They are not only a cafe but a organic and gourmet shop as well!

They sell all kinds of organic product, from fresh fruits to shampoo! I find this shop quite interesting and it gives me a very comfortable feeling!

Probably it's the organic stuff in the shop.. sending me all these good vibes.. haha :P

I went there with Jess and she went a lil crazy there going through every product and grabbing things for her relatives and friends! Yeap, she sneakily got me something unexpected from there too! haha show u later :P

Now our breakfast! They have got delicious looking muffins and stuff at the counter. We were so tempted to have some but because we want something warm.. we opted for the hot food instead with some hot tea~

Jess had the Natures Cuppa Organic Green Tea and I had the Ceylon Tea.

For our meal, Jess had the Chick Pea Curry and Rice.

While I had the Mushroom & Cream Cheese Filo Puff with all sorts of salads.

My Mushroom and Cream Cheese Filo Puff was delicious! Creamy and fluffy!! and the salad is just gorgeous! Very fresh! very tasty! There were at least 4-6 kinds of salad in my plate. I don't know which is which but I love them! Crunch crunch! :P

I bought a box of Ginkgo Green Tea. Good for my brain.
Yes I need it!!!

and Jess got me this! She saw it, grab it, and it's the last one!

How cute!!! It will be in my bag everyday now! :D My hippo shopping bag!

Tempting Thyme Cafe on Urbanspoon

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