Sunday, August 21, 2011

What a fulfilling day! :D

What a nice day today! Joe and I went out to meet up with my cousins Eileen, Jilyne and Seon & his girlfriend Eva to celebrate Jil's and Eva's birthdays!
They are the August babies!

Eileen and I spent some time looking for cute pressies for the August babies! We wanted something fun and colourful! We got all kinds of yummy candies that we bought from Liquorice, and a very cute 2012 Diary and pen from Kikki K. Then we bought from mini jars from the Red Dot Store to stuff in the candies! Do try the Blue, Purple, Pink Cloud Candies.. So yum! :D
Then I wrapped it up with ribbons~ wooden lady bugs~ along with a fresh sprig of Rosemary from the garden!! It was Joe's idea! haha It makes the pressies smells good :P

We met at the Crumpet in Vic Park. Unfortunately it was packed so we went to Food For Me instead. Food was good! I haven't try every thing that we ordered but the Eggs Florentine looks good and the French Toast with Bacon was delicious :D

Then we went to Joe's place, showed them our vege patch, play with Karzan and we sang birthday songs for the girls too! Oh, and ate the fruit tart together :P

We finish our birthday celebration around 1pm, my cousin Seon, Jilyne & Eva head home because Seon had a soccer game or some sort to go to. So Eileen and I started our planned baking day. It was tiring but fun day for baking! We baked for 5 hours straight!

We started at around 2pm making 2 batches of bread dough.

and we end up with quite a lot of sausage rolls! haha I dun mind to have lots of sausage rolls because it is the yummiest! Everyone at home loves eating them too for tea, for breakfast and when you just wanna chew on something!

We were excited to see we made so many of the sausage rolls! So we started eating them :D
We ate until we weren't hungry for our dinner. -_-"

Other than baking that, we baked a Strawberry Tart too!

Unfortunately, it's not for us! It's for her colleague at work! She sort of promised that she will make this for his birthday. :( Nooooo.... We sooo wanted to take a bite!

Not sure how the Strawberry Tart taste like but fingers crossed, hopefully it taste as good as it looks!!! :D~

Updated: My cousin and her workmates have tried the Strawberry Tart with the French guys that work with her said it taste like they are back in France and shop bought! WOOHOO!!! XD


L said...

woah! soo nice!! the food looks great! the Strawberry tart looks so enticing! lovely to make it such a memorable event! good on ya!

Bryt said...

Lol, I love those mini jars. Saw them at Red Dot a week or two ago and bought ~40 of them! But I love how you filled them with candy, gorgeous gift idea :)

Jo Serwey said...

Aww thanks girls!!
L: I wish I could taste the Strawberry Tart! Maybe I have to make it again just for myself! haha

Bryt: Ohh!! No wonder there's only a few mini jars left at Red Dot! hahahaha what did you use it for? :D