Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lunch @ Venn, Queen Street Perth

Today I met up with my long-time-no-see friend Mila! I knew her when I was studying at Uni and she left after the graduation. It's been 5 years since I last saw her! We were happy and excited to see each other again and we talked for hours!

We met up for lunch and I brought her to this new place call Venn on Queen St.
It's a concept shop, which features bar & cafe, art gallery, design shop and art studios.
In short, Venn is a pretty cool shop! :D

They did a good job with their window display, haha the displays captured my eyes 2 weeks ago when I walked past at night. It's colourful, quirky and fun!

They've got all sorts of things. You just gotto go there and have a look! :P If you bought something from there, don't blame me ok!

Anyway, lunch!
We walked further into the shop, got a table and sat down with the lunch menu. It's pretty casual cafe. People who works there look really cool too.

There's 9 dishes to choose from and the menu somehow looks weird to me. I can't really feel the yumminess after looking through it. I don't know how to explain but just felt if I have chosen the right place for my friend for our lunch.

But anyway, after a few minutes of choosing, I walked to the counter to make the order.
While I was waiting for service, I saw these beautiful cakes in the display! Omg I just drooled on my camera.

Nah joking.

Now, food time!
I've got Billy Tea ( I chose this because I'm TEAM BILLY!! XD Masterchef craze is forever in me.) This tea is quite a strong tasting tea and has this smoky-ness to it. I liked it! You should give it a try too! I was so tempted to use the bottle of milk because it is sooooooo cute! I love the mini milk bottle I just wanna grab them home! Filled it with milk and photograph it ten thousand times.

I think I'm a bit out of topic here haha. Yea, what I meant by tempted pouring the milk into my tea, is that I drink tea without milk and sugar. I like it black.
Felt a bit regret for not using the milk because it is so cute. I should just drink it from the bottle -_- fml.

Me and my friend Mila shared 2 dishes.

Fremantle Sardines with creamy pumpkin, Zucchini & Tomato Ragout

Lightly Spiced Cassoulet with Braised Haricot Beans and Winter Meats, served with Crunchy Herbed Croutons.

Both of us took our first bite (She had the Sardine, I had the Herbed Croutons) and our eyes just wide open, looking at each other and say OMG IT'S SO GOOD!!!

We both quickly swaped our dishes and both go "MMmmmm.... "

The creamy sauce with the Sardine & Pumpkin & Spinach all go so well together~! You just wanna Nom nom nom. The only thing that I'm not good with is the tiny bones in the sardines. I know it is edible, but I'm not good with fish bones. So I kind picked it out. :P

Well balanced Spice Cassoulet. Love every bit of it especially the croutons. It's crunchy, it's fragrant and the flavour just melts in your mouth!

I was tempted to convince Mila to share a dessert with me but we both were quite full after the yummy meal. I will leave it for next time :)

and look! Even the toilet look so cool :D haha

16 Queen St
Ph 9321 2785

Opening Hours
Mon-Tues 7am-5pm
Wed- Fri 7am-12am
Sat 9am-12am

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