Sunday, August 7, 2011

I had a Masterchef dinner!

Everybody knows that I'm a hardcore Masterchef fan! I cook what Masterchef cook, I shop where Masterchef shop! :P and guess what? Not me or Joe cooking this time! We were lucky to be the panel judges this time hahaha kidding!

Actually, Elisha and Daniel invited us to their house to have a birthday dinner for the July babies, Joe and William. Elisha really put a lot of effort on planning and cooking! She feed us so much yummy food and I just couldn't stop eating! I am still so full from the dinner at this time of the night!! ( it's nearly 1am by the way 0_0 )

First Nom! Pea and Ham Soup. The best warm soup for the cold weather!! hohoho delicious and smooth!

Our Main Nom Nom!
Jamie Oliver's Steak Sarnie! Omg look at it. Who wouldn't wanna eat this!!!

The flavour is just awesome! Juicy steak and I think the secret to this recipe is resting the piece of steak on the bed of salad. The juices from the meat will just slightly infused the salad to make it tastier! :P~

Beetroot and twice cooked chips as sides. Chips were bloody awesome too! Soft in the inside and crunchy on the outside. Drool~

and for our last nom nom, it was the Baked Chocolate Praline Tart with Raspberry Reduction and Chantilly Cream from Masterchef! It was absolutely delicious! Chocolate Praline is just nice and it goes so well with the spread of Raspberry Reduction! (Plated by me and Jersie! :P We are the assistants!) Yeap! We did the famous decorating skills! Sauce spreading thing and the coulis thing and a little micro herb deco! hahaha *Proud* ^-^

Now for those of you who wants to do this chocolate tart, just be aware that the recipe for the pastry is incorrect. I've tried it and Elisha tried it and find the recipe should just use only 1 egg. Or else the dough will turn really sticky and watery. :)

What a beautiful & happy Saturday!!! :D

I had a wonderful weekend Friday and Saturday because I had dinner with my cousins + Joe & Eva, and my cousin Eileen cooked us Roast Pork with Crackling specially for me! (after bugging her the whole day and night :P) it was perfectly cook! Then we hang around at her place and played Jenga til 12am! Then on Saturday morning, all of us went to Tomato Lake for a morning walk/jog. It was great fun! After that we went to Rasa Nyonya at Vic Park to have our brunch. Nasi lemak there is omgosh so yummy. Joe and I when for a lil grocery shop and Swansea Market then head home. We did nearly 4 hours of gardening and helped our neighbour to put up the fencing. Woah so happy! Then showered and went to Daniel and Elisha's house to have such wonderful dinner! Woah I'm just feeling soooo damn happy! Feeling content! and I'm still feeling really full!!!! omgosh! it's 1.15 in the morning!! :D I just had to write this down for myself because I wanna remind myself what a happy weekend I had! Thank you!!! Good night!!!


L said...

wahhh! the food looked amazinG!! and sounded like u had an awesome weekend!! good food, good company!! til so late at night! lol!

Jo Serwey said...

Yeaps! hopefully my weekend is full of happiness always heheeh

t said...

Everything looks so good!