Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dinner @ Vons Chicken, Vic Park

I went to Vons Chicken Restaurant in Victoria Park few weeks ago to try out. It's a small Korean restaurant that serve everything chicken! They are very popular in Korea. Grilled, fried, Spicy and not spicy.

Honestly, the service wasn't good. Not friendly and a few types of chicken wasn't available as well. Good thing was the chicken that me and my friend had was delicious!

We had the spicy one and the honey one with rice. We forgot to order the salads. :P

All juicy and tender!
They even have a big metal cup thing for you to throw your bones!

It is never enough for these yummy chickens.. :P~

Vons Chicken Restaurant
Shop 20/ 366 Albany Hwy, Victoria Park
Ph: 6162 9795

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Nici Candy Love Hippo said...

Hello Hippo Girl,

I was OPPOSITE Coventry Sq Market along Progress St, Morley.

I found Golden Chicks and tried the korean Sweet Chilli Fried Chicken.

$9.80 for 2 drumsticks and 3 wings.