Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dinner @ Ipoh Garden Restaurant, Myaree

Tried Ipoh Garden Restaurant after hearing people raving about it for quite some time.
It's a bit out of the way from my place but I think it's worth the drive :)

Although service is not top notch but I'm kinda used to the Asian style service haha immuned to it :P What I'm looking for is FOOD! I only went there for 2 things. My Ipoh Hor Fun Soup and the popular Inchikiban Fried Chicken.

Joe and I had a bottle of the Grandma's Herbal Tea. Taste a bit diluted but yea okay, it's acceptable :)

Joe had the Dry fry Meehoon. I had a spoonful of it, it taste like Hokkien Mee but with Meehoon. Joe said it's quite tasteless after a few spoons.

and here comes my Ipoh Hor Fun!

Smells like a good bowl of tasty Ipoh chicken hor fun. OMG I havent smell that for ages!!! I used to have it 3-4 days a week while I was studying in Sunway, at Ten Ten Restaurant (Malaysia)! The soup is not as clear as the one that I used to have but the smell of it is exactly the same! Look at the Kuey Teow too! It is thinner! Gosh my kind of Kuey Teow! It's hard to find it here in Perth and most of the restaurant will replace the Kuey Teow to Phat Thai noodles for Char Kuey Teow most of the time.

Soups good! Kuey Teow good! Big Bowl too!

If you havent know, I'm a Kuey Teow (Flat white noodle) Fan. Hardcore type. I love my Kuey Teow soft, thin and narrow and well of course must taste fresh! It's really hard to find a restaurant in Perth that serves good Kuey Teow. When the chef cook with thick Kuey Teow, it kinda loses the flavor of the dish because of the flour. Hey I'm not a Kuey Teow Guru but I know my Kuey Teow well. :P

Last but not least, the famous Inchikiban Fried Chicken!
Very juicy, very crispy, very tasty!
It kinda reminds me of the fried chicken in Mamak (Indian Food place in Malaysia)
We can't finish the chicken, so a ta-paoed (takeaway) for my lunch the next day.

Ipoh Garden Restaurant
Lot 16, 44/50 Hulme Court
Myaree 6154
Ph 9330 6290

Open for Lunch and Dinner

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Anonymous said...

They are still in business.
Food just as delicious.