Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cute Mini Cupcakes

Holy Moly Guacamole!! It's been a week since I last post about something!
Yes.. I was feeling really slack and busy on having my ME time (which is slacking around haha).

Today, I've decided to do something to make me and my blog happy. :D and probably make u drool ~~~~
That is making pretty mini cupcakes!!!

My cupcakes for today it is kind of a " If it's.."
Joe always use this 2 words upon me because I'm that kind of person who follows recipes exactly in terms of ingredients. If I don't have it at home, I will buy it eventhough the recipe only requires a pinch of it. and as you know everything here sells in a bag, not a pinch! So, that thing will sits in the pantry for a long time until it expires. :P

But for Joe, he will use whatever that is in the fridge or the pantry. Somehow, he can cook something with those ingredients.
Yeap, I'm just not as good as him :P

But today, I'm following the "If it's.." philosophy!
I use the left over Passion fruit pulp, Lemon butter and the Mulberry Jam that my aunt (Julie) made, for my cupcake!

and I've used my precious Pariya's Persian Confetti & Rose Petals that I bought from The Herdsman in the city. The Persian Confetti is yum. It gives a lil kick to the cupcakes :D

Baking mini cupcakes in a small mini cupcake pan is a PAIN.
I baked it batch by batch! But I guess, like this it gives me time to explore all different kinds of flavour and making different kind of icing.

You won't believe this, I have actually made icing 3 times. I made Cream Cheese icing for the 1st batch, then I make meringue for the 2nd batch but after I've tried it on 1 cupcake, I decided to scrap it because it's not tasty. So then I made another batch of cream cheese icing.

After baking, trying, tasting the whole 4-5 hours, I am very happy with my experimental mini cupcakes!!!


There's Passionfruit curd & Cream Cheese cupcakes, Mulberry Jam & Cream Cheese on Mulberry Cupcakes and Lemon Butter & Cream Cheese on Mulberry Cupcakes.

I'm very happy with the final outcome! I can't believe I actually done all this!! Using whatever I have for my Mini Cupcake Shoot! I just feel like printing this on a POSTER SIZE GLOSSY PAPER so that I can drool and admire at it whole day hahaha because I'm pretty sure I won't go through the long hour of baking again for a long time unless I've got 2 huge mini cupcake pans. :P

Happy Sunday everyone!!!! :D


fiery said...

when can u deliver
thank u

Jo Serwey said...

hahaah it's a pick up only.

Bryt said...

omg, that persian confetti looks awesome! I haven't been to The Herdsman yet, but I bought one of those vouchers for it ($20 for $44 worth, i think). So I'll go to town shopping for those little gourmet treats when I have time!
And love how you put the mini's in the egg container, very gorgeous.

Jo Serwey said...

Hey Bryt! Yes I bought that voucher too!!! It's totally worth it! I got quite a few stuff that I normally wouldn't get. Go get the confetti! and the rose petals just smells soo soo rosey~! It gives it a quite unique flavour. Love it!

ching∞ said...

i want i want i want!

have them ready when you pick us up at the airport yaaaaa :)

Jo Serwey said...

hahaha ok ok :D

Lilmendoza said...

hahahaha love the idea of that on a glossy paper!! I would probably stare at it for hours too!