Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sweet Potato at home

Last weekend, Joe and I on a mission to clear up the garden for a bit. Got rid of the wild grass growing in Joe's Vege Patch. While doing it, Joe asked me to dig up some sweet potatoes!

Me: We grow sweet potatoes in the garden? When??
Joe: Yea, about a year ago.
Me: -_-" Serious...?

and look!! So many of them!!

I was so excited, grabbed the camera and took some photos!
They looked delish!

We cleaned, peeled, chopped and fried :P

Yum! Taste good! We put some cummin and salt too :)

I think Karzan want some too.. :P hehe

Go to Mundaring Truffle Festival tomorrow! Last day! So so many yummy food!
Will write a post about it soon :P
Happy Weekend!


ching∞ said...

this is so COOL! What do you have in the garden for me to dig/pick/pluck when I get there?

If there's nothing, PLANT SOMETHING now!!! :p

Jo Serwey said...

hopefully there will be some beans, kailan, basil, chillis, lime and heaps more! hahaha