Thursday, July 14, 2011


I was driving home from work today around 5 ish in the evening. Listening to the music in the car, slow drive on a peak hour traffic and I saw a very very beautiful sky. I was staring at the sky on every traffic lights, I just can't stop looking at the beautiful big white moon together with the slightly purple-ish blue sky!

I was thinking how I wish I could have my camera with me, so that I can capture this moment! Unfortunately, I was driving too. But I've captured the image in my brain and I have recreated 90% of it using Adobe! I just want to share what I've seen today with you!

Love it.

This is what I saw while I was at the traffic lights.
There's a few more birds on that tree but I couldn't be bothered to draw them. hahaha

You probably have seen the beautiful sky if you were driving around 5pm.

Yay! it's Friday tomorrow! :D

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L said...

beautiful! well done! indeed the sky has been so breath-takingly beautiful with the moon so bright and big! A beautiful memory ;-)