Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Peregrine & Gecko's Adventures

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It’s been a long time since you last saw Miss Mantou hasn’t it?

Maybe months even?

Miss Mantou has been really busy with a lot of stuff lately!

She couldn’t even find the time to have a good rest!

Talk about REST !!! Oh~~!!

Miss Mantou very much needs another

relaxing & yummy holiday!!

A few months ago, Miss Mantou had the trip of her life to Melbourne as her birthday gift from Char Siu Bao, and it was the greatest holiday ever!

Why, you ask? Well...Although Miss Mantou has had many other wonderful trips before, there are some things that just turn an ordinary holiday into an awesome one:)

Let me show you why with some photos!

When Miss Mantou was in Melbourne, she met up with some of her high school friends and had a great time catching up with them! She even met one of her schoolmates coincidently in a restaurant! What are the odds?? haha

Had some awesome food in Melbourne! Tried Cutler & Co. which was voted as the best restaurant in Australia. Had a great and unforgetable lunch in Vue de Monde. Tried the best Roast Pork and Duck in Pacific House and had the yummiest dessert (as my breakfast) at Brunetti’s. I was never hungry on my holiday.

Thanks to all my friends in Melbourne & Masterchef Australia for introducing me to these great restaurants! Without you, I would have missed out on one of the greatest culinary experiences of my life!

Having local knowledge of where good food can be found was invaluable.

As a Masterchef Number 1 Fan, Miss Mantou was extremely happy and excited and lucky to meet George Calombaris in his restaurant, The Press Club!

She also met Chris & Julia from Masterchef Season 1 in their restaurant, Josie Bones. The food was awesome! It was the first time in her life that she had Beer degustation! AWESOME!

For me, travel has always been about trying local food!

From there, you get to understand the local culture and lifestyle a lot better.

Don’t you want to have a holiday like this?

Going to places where locals go, trying out food that the local people love. It’s a great experience!

Well, you can do that too in places like the Galapagos, Turkey, Egypt or many others by clicking on this site, Peregrine Adventures!

Peregrine offers Unique destinations, New cultural and food experiences, local tour guides in a small group! Not like those normal tours that bring you to over-commercialised or touristy places!
To top
that off, you can get 10% off for all bookings made in July! Isn’t that great or what?!

So go to this website now and see what they can do for you for your next AWESOME holiday! http://peregrineadventures.com/experience-peregrine

My Dream Destination:


So I can have a photo taken with him! XD

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