Saturday, July 9, 2011

Joe's Birthday Celebration tomorrow!! XD

Attention to Joe:

Please do not read this post til Sunday!
Close this window now!

For others... you can continue to read! haha

I've been busy planning Joe's birthday! It's tomorrow.. oh wait it's tonight!!! and it's going to be awesome fun!!! :D

The theme for his birthday is "Joe's All Time Favourite!!"
There will be games and food that Joe like to play or eat most of the time.
I'm making it simple but fancy!

I am enjoying the process of planning the party!!! I still have a lot to do! I'm doing everything from scratch! haha.. I'm going insane :P Hopefully everything will be all good tomorrow! I mean tonight! Fingers & toes crossed!

Yay! Can't wait!
Will post up more photos soon!


Anonymous said...

Good luck girlie!!! ..wc..

L said...

how exciting! gonna be a blast! photos!