Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dinner @ Harbour Seafood Restaurant, Belmont

I'm so happy because Belmont finally has a Northbridge-Quality Chinese restaurant In Belmont Village! (Next to Reading Cinema) It is called Harbour Seafood Restaurant. It's small but good :)

The shop lot has changed owners a couple of times because the quality of the food was not up to standard. So nobody went there for chinese.

But about a couple of months ago, the shop was renovated and revamped, new menu, got a new chef and some new cute waitresses and waiters!

I must say it's looking really convincing from the outside now. There's live fish & lobsters in the tanks too! I just couldn't believe that Belmont finally has a decent Chinese restaurant! Joe and I tried it once and we thought it was good, so last weekend, we decided to bring a couple of friends along to support the restaurant :)

Below are the dishes that we had.

Steamed Scallop
Love the taste. Nicely cooked scallops. But I think the waiter poured in too much sauce into it.

Salted Chicken
To me, this is not salty enough. Looks a bit dry.

King Prawn Omelet
Good plate of Omelet! King prawns was fresh! Love it.

Satay Beef
My favourite! Very tasty and generous!

Steam Barramundi
Nicely cooked fish! The sauce is beautiful too. I nom-ing non stop.

Stir Fry Kai Lan
I don't really like this dish because the veges are a lil bitter. Probably the veges are too old.

Yam Duck (had it couple of weeks ago)
I quite like this dish as it wasn't oily and has a nice crunch on the outside. It would be better if the meat didn't over fry.

Overall, I'm happy with the food, the price is reasonable, and most importantly near to where I live! Yay!

Harbour Seafood Restaurant
Lunch: 10.30am-2pm
Dinner: 5pm-late
Closed on Tuesday

Ph: 9277 2918
Shop 3/4 Belmont Village,
Belmont Avenue

Delivery available


lovefaeiry said...

I miss Steamed Scallop!!!!!!!

Jo Serwey said...

come here and have it! hahah

Anonymous said...

Please, stay away from this restaurant. My meal yesterday was revolting. Just a plate of rice & duck bones (ribcage). When I complained I was told that I "should have specified a breast or leg if I wanted meat"... They still made me pay in full and told me "you are welcome to not come back again if you are not happy"! Bad food and rude staff. Stay away.

Jo Serwey said...

Oh no... What a bad experience!! I've dine there 3 times and had a delivery dinner as well.. they were alright. Will take note!! :)

Anonymous said...

My friend's meal was OK but mine really was bad. Worst I've had at a Chinese restaurant? I think so. It wasn't so much the bad food it was more that they just didn't seem to care. Why? I thought they'd want return business? Apparently not :(

Jo Serwey said...

Yea.. agree they are not the friendliest waiter and waitresses.. haha I experienced that.. but the meal that you had is just unacceptable yea.. Guess you won't be going back there :P