Sunday, July 17, 2011

Burger Cupcake YUM!

Look what I've made today!!!

Burger and Chips! :D

Looks like toys? Well, look again carefully :)

It's edible burger and chips, except it's sweet.. hehe.

I asked my friends to come over to "help" me bake. They probably come and make fun of me more like it because I'm making something that is so crazy. They weren't convince at first til the last bit when we were assembling it. Took us about 4 hours to get this burger and chips cake done. It's worth it!

I did cheat by using the premix that I bought from Coles. (Btw, this is not a sponsored post or anything, it's just what I prefer) I use Betty Crocker premix cake because it taste better than other premix brands.. won't say which ones here :D

These are the things that you need to get to make the Burger and Chips Cake! :D

Betty Crocker Cupcake Mix Vanilla for the "Burger buns".

and Betty Crocker Brownie Mix for the "Patty"

and a tub of Betty Crocker Vanilla Frosting for "Ketchup", "Mustard" & "Lettuce" :)
Get food colourings too! They sell it in a small box with 4 colours. (forgot the brand though)

Some Sesame seeds for the buns and a shortbread cookie recipe from the net :P
That's it!

Firstly, bake it in a 20cm square pan. Let it cool after baking then use a round shape cutter to cut the brownies to use it as the patty for the burger.

Then you bake the Vanilla cupcake, make sure you make the cupcake around the same size, or else you will have a fat burger and a small burger when you put them together. ( We do it using the 1/4 cup. Fill it up then pour into the cupcake paper cups. Like that, it will be quite consistent.)

After baking, let it cool. Scoop the icing into 3 different bowls, then put food colouring in it. 1 for yellow, 1 for green and 1 for red. Mix it up well until the colours are bright and pretty! Then pour it colours to different piping bags.

Cut the cupcake into half. (Trim it til you're happy with the thickness for the bun)
Put the round brownie on then squeeze the frosting on top like the picture below. :)

Using your fingers, dab some water and wet the cupcake top a bit, then sprinkle some sesame seeds on top. It will sticks. Look like a real bun now isn't it? hehe

Oh yummy~!!!

If you have got some extra time, make some "Chips" too!
Get your own shortbread recipe, roll the dough out and cut it into thin pieces. Try a few cuts til you are happy with the size.

After baking, let it cool and sprinkle some icing sugar on top!
My "chips" look a bit over fried hahahah

I have to have some pretty packaging to go with it!!! Or else it won't look complete!

So I made some paper trays and packaging for the fries. hehe

and there you go! The Sweet version of Burger and Chips! So fun to make this!

You might think that I'm a genius! How can I come out with this idea!!??
Well, I will be damn happy if I did.. but actually, I got inspired by!
Now she is the genius!!! She is the one who create this cute and fun dessert!!! Check out her Burger and Chips post and you will think mine actually not so good looking hahaha.
You can also get the PDF of the packaging, so you can print and cut at home and use them!!
Make sure you try it!!! Have fun! :D


Bryt said...

serious cuteness! That would've been pretty time consuming, but by the looks of it, so worth it :)

Jo Serwey said...

hey Bryt! yeaps! totally worth it! brought some to work and they were totally impressed how I did it! are you going to try it? haha

Anonymous said...

they look great- my friend made some and used shredded coconut with green food dye to make lettuce

L said...

Wow Jo!! These burgers look great!!! so Cute!! Impressive! must be so much fun to make them! yumm! :D