Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Brunch @ West End Deli, West Perth

Why everybody loves West End Deli? It's been years people have been telling me about this place! I wanted to go there but just out of the way and you know.. such popular place like this, you need to make a booking and all.. I thought.. nyeh.. maybe next time :)

So, recently, I went to Good Food & Wine Show, met up with Marion and chatted for a bit. She told us that she went to Pata Negra for dinner and West End Deli for breakfast! Then I thought, wait a minute! Bloody West End Deli again!!! Okay that's it! I AM GOING THERE!

Dragged my cousin along and there we were on a Wednesday 10.30am, no booking. We got a table! Yay! But seriously, there were only 2 empty tables left. I guess it wasn't that busy on the weekdays? Or we were just lucky haha. Went at the right time. (No worries everybody. If you are from whoop whoop *nah kidding* they accept bookings from 11.30am onwards! Daily! Good ey!)

We walked in and was amazed by all these earthy deco. OMGosh I want my house to be like this! So pretty! I want those cakes and pastries too!

It was quite a busy place. People come and go buying take away coffees and cakes. Fresh baguettes too! :D Staff were busy serving customers but still keep a big smile on their faces.

Me and my cousin were just drooling all over the menu and don't know which to pick! So many things that we wanted to try because all sound to yum!

Anyway, these were what we've got.

Crepes, poached rhubarb, marscapone & pistacchios
Absolutely delicious. It's light, well balance in sweetness and sourness of the rhubard and crepes. Totally love it. Like those bits on top, it just give us a surprise feeling when we were eating.

House smoked salmon, brioche, creamed spinach, slow cooked egg & tobikko dressing.
Well cooked dish. Love every single thing on that plate! The egg cooked just right, a little gooey. Interesting spinach cream, and the salmon is nice and light. Very well balanced dish. In love!

West End Deli Drinks
Then we have the West End Deli Drinks. I love mine. I don't remember the full ingredient in the drink but I remember there's ginger beer~ and the red one has star anise and cinnamon in it. I like mine better hehe

After our breakfast, we decided to go for one more dish that we were eyeing for!

The Pork belly, pearl barley, calvados apples & crackle!
Yes, how can we not have this?? It's pork belly! Since we are both big eaters anyway, we can finish every bits on the plate :P

Very well presented dish! Don't you think?
Pork was lovely, not dry and quite juicy. Nice refreshing calvados apples! Love everything except the pork crackles :(
Our favourite pork crackles were hard and just too troublesome to eat them..

Overall, we enjoyed our meal there! To me, it is a bit pricey for a breakfast. It cost us roughly 50 per person but good & creative food though.

I will go back there to try the dinner menus.. it looks very yummy too.. *drool~*

West End Deli

Ph 9328 3605

95 Carr St
West Perth

Opening hours
Monday – Wednesday 7am – 3pm
Thursday – Saturday 7am – late
Sundays 7am – 3pm.

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fiery said...

not really 50 for breakfast!! 40 not including all our extra food we bought and 25 if dun include the pork hahahahaha

we just too greedy

Jo Serwey said...

to me they are all breakfast for me~! hahaha

Jo Serwey said...

to me they are all breakfast for me~! hahaha

L said...

wah..$50 for brekkie!! but boy...those pics looked so good! and sounded soooo good...ok, i am bringing my friend to there for brekkie tmr morning then! :D

Jo Serwey said...

hahaha actually, me and my cousin are big & greedy eaters... hahaha