Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dinner @ Little Lamb, Northbridge

Little Lamb is probably a popular place amongst the Asians since they open months ago.
It's always packed especially on the weekends. For the Hot Pot and BBQ table, it's $39 per person. Free drinks and unlimited food. (of course they will charge you for food wastage)
When you got there, they will ask you to pick the hot pot soup base. There are 5 to choose from, normal soup, spicy soup, herb soup, mix and something else I don't remember :P

Little Lamb serves Hot Pots and BBQs. As you can see the photo above, the table with silver pillars are the BBQ table and the rest will have just Hot Pots. So, if you want BBQ and Hot Pot, make sure you book in advance and request for the BBQ tables as BBQ tables are popular.

Selections were huge and unlimited!! I was amazed how much food they have! There are steamboat ingredients, noodles, veges, cooked food, seafood, and so much more. The photo below, (times) 3!

Then a whole selection of meats for BBQ. All skewered!
I don't know how they do it, skewer so many of them!

This is our mini auto rotating BBQ pit on the table! What's the best is they are using charcoal instead on electric! Auto rotate just amazed me, I just need to put the skewers on the rolling thingy and wait (eating food from the Hot Pot at the same time) for the meat to cook.

They were all delicious! I personally love chicken wings and giblet the most! oh yum!!

As for the Hot Pot, we got the mix Hot Pot. 1 side spicy and 1 side non spicy.
Remember to get the sauces for dippings. It's yummy too!

Little Lamb
91, James Street, Northbridge
Ph: 9228 9182
Open Mon-Sun Lunch-Dinner

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sweet Potato at home

Last weekend, Joe and I on a mission to clear up the garden for a bit. Got rid of the wild grass growing in Joe's Vege Patch. While doing it, Joe asked me to dig up some sweet potatoes!

Me: We grow sweet potatoes in the garden? When??
Joe: Yea, about a year ago.
Me: -_-" Serious...?

and look!! So many of them!!

I was so excited, grabbed the camera and took some photos!
They looked delish!

We cleaned, peeled, chopped and fried :P

Yum! Taste good! We put some cummin and salt too :)

I think Karzan want some too.. :P hehe

Go to Mundaring Truffle Festival tomorrow! Last day! So so many yummy food!
Will write a post about it soon :P
Happy Weekend!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Bagel Sandwich

There's nothing better than the gourmet bagel sandwich prepared by my boyfriend!

Oh So YUMMY!!!! Thank you for the Bagel Sandwich!!! <3

Can I have my meals prepared by you everyday~~~ ?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Brunch @ West End Deli, West Perth

Why everybody loves West End Deli? It's been years people have been telling me about this place! I wanted to go there but just out of the way and you know.. such popular place like this, you need to make a booking and all.. I thought.. nyeh.. maybe next time :)

So, recently, I went to Good Food & Wine Show, met up with Marion and chatted for a bit. She told us that she went to Pata Negra for dinner and West End Deli for breakfast! Then I thought, wait a minute! Bloody West End Deli again!!! Okay that's it! I AM GOING THERE!

Dragged my cousin along and there we were on a Wednesday 10.30am, no booking. We got a table! Yay! But seriously, there were only 2 empty tables left. I guess it wasn't that busy on the weekdays? Or we were just lucky haha. Went at the right time. (No worries everybody. If you are from whoop whoop *nah kidding* they accept bookings from 11.30am onwards! Daily! Good ey!)

We walked in and was amazed by all these earthy deco. OMGosh I want my house to be like this! So pretty! I want those cakes and pastries too!

It was quite a busy place. People come and go buying take away coffees and cakes. Fresh baguettes too! :D Staff were busy serving customers but still keep a big smile on their faces.

Me and my cousin were just drooling all over the menu and don't know which to pick! So many things that we wanted to try because all sound to yum!

Anyway, these were what we've got.

Crepes, poached rhubarb, marscapone & pistacchios
Absolutely delicious. It's light, well balance in sweetness and sourness of the rhubard and crepes. Totally love it. Like those bits on top, it just give us a surprise feeling when we were eating.

House smoked salmon, brioche, creamed spinach, slow cooked egg & tobikko dressing.
Well cooked dish. Love every single thing on that plate! The egg cooked just right, a little gooey. Interesting spinach cream, and the salmon is nice and light. Very well balanced dish. In love!

West End Deli Drinks
Then we have the West End Deli Drinks. I love mine. I don't remember the full ingredient in the drink but I remember there's ginger beer~ and the red one has star anise and cinnamon in it. I like mine better hehe

After our breakfast, we decided to go for one more dish that we were eyeing for!

The Pork belly, pearl barley, calvados apples & crackle!
Yes, how can we not have this?? It's pork belly! Since we are both big eaters anyway, we can finish every bits on the plate :P

Very well presented dish! Don't you think?
Pork was lovely, not dry and quite juicy. Nice refreshing calvados apples! Love everything except the pork crackles :(
Our favourite pork crackles were hard and just too troublesome to eat them..

Overall, we enjoyed our meal there! To me, it is a bit pricey for a breakfast. It cost us roughly 50 per person but good & creative food though.

I will go back there to try the dinner menus.. it looks very yummy too.. *drool~*

West End Deli

Ph 9328 3605

95 Carr St
West Perth

Opening hours
Monday – Wednesday 7am – 3pm
Thursday – Saturday 7am – late
Sundays 7am – 3pm.

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Dinner @ Modo Mio, Burswood

Modo Mio meaning 'my way' offers authentic Italian cuisine of unsurpassed quality, served with passion in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Recruited from Milan, Chef de Cuisine Giampaolo Maffini has created a delicious menu that showcases his love for honest Italian cooking using fresh local produce and time-honoured, traditional family recipes.

Joe and I went to Modo Mio to celebrate his birthday. I've heard good reviews about this place and we were eager to try.

We stepped into the restaurant and it looked beautiful. A clean open kitchen, beautiful lights and wonderful interior. Instantly feel romantic in this place!

Staffs were really friendly and attentive.

We started off with drinks.

Joe had Peroni beer (Italian beer) and I had the Lemon Lime and Bitters, my usual drink.

We were served mini baguette with some olive oil, balsamic and salt.
Nice lil baguette! We had 2 of those hehe...

For starters, Joe had Beef Carpaccio, Cipriani sauce, rocket salad and parmesan.
Joe loves his Beef carpaccio. He said the dish was nice and taste really appetising and well balanced.

I had the Traditional mediterranean seafood soup, basil & garlic croutons.
It was sensational! Totally love this seafood soup! In fact, it was the best seafood soup I had in my life! Very very nice and tasty seafood soup. It's packed with flavour and omgosh the prawns and the pieces of fish.. It's excellent! I wish I can have this soup ready for me at home any day when I want it! I am thinking of getting take away of the soup from Modo Mio! Not sure if they do take away hahaha.. I guess I will just have to go back there again! :D

As for mains, Joe had the Angus beef tenderloin, sundried tomato crust, morel mushroom sauce, potato cake.
It was quite a good dish, but the beef was a bit overcooked and the potato cake was a bit too salty.

As for me, I had the Pan fried red snapper, sauteed prawn, lobster bisque and asparagus.
Nicely plated with beautiful ingredients. Unfortunately, I wasn't blown away by this dish. Was hoping it to be packed full of flavor but the prawns were way too salty and fish was a bit overcooked.

For dessert, Joe had Tiramisu. Traditional Italian mascarpone cake
Joe was quite happy with his dessert! I didn't try the Tiramisu because I have the yummilicious Chocolate fondant!

Chocolate fondant, vanilla ice cream
It was yum! Chocolate oozing out, a bit warm and that goes very well with the vanilla ice cream. Love the crunchy lil bits on top of the fondant. :)

Will go there again to try the pastas and pizzas! :D Can't wait.

Modo Mio
Ph 9362 7551

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dinner @ Charm, Perth City

I went to Charm to have dinner with L and E when L came back to Perth to visit friends and family.
E recommended Charm to us because she thinks it is one of the best Korean food in Perth. I believe her because she is Korean and when I got there, I saw lots of Koreans dining there. haha Good proof isn't it? :P

Anyway, these are what we had in Charm.

Chim Dak
Braised skin/boneless chicken, dried red chilli, potato, onion, carrot in sweet soy sauce with sweet potato noodle.
You can tell them how spicy you want it to be. For us, it's medium spicy and it was good. I love spicy food! One thing special is that they provide you a tong and a pair of scissors for you to cut the meat and noodles whatever size you want it to be. It's like BBQ in Korean style.
Nicely cooked dish. Great taste!

Kan Pung Gi
Deep Fried skin/boneless chicken, onion, capsicum and carrot tossed with tangy chilli sauce.
This dish is a bit of a Chinese/Korean style. Similar to Kung Po sauce.
I remember the last time I went to Korea, my Korean friends brought me to the Chinese restaurant to have Chinese food. I was surprised that the Chinese food there actually taste like Korean food! Not used to the flavour but I quite like it :)

Cha Jang Noodle
Minced pork, cabbage, onion, zucchini with black bean
Best Cha Jang Noodle! Haha.. I actually haven't tried much Cha Jang Mien, but this is a pretty good bowl of noodle! Good for cold weather anyway :D

I wish to try other dishes in the future when I'm in the city. Heard their homemade noodles taste awesome! Wait for me Charm! :D

Charm Korean Restaurant
2/369 Hay Street

Ph 9218 8803

Opening Hours


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Dinner @ Yuzu Kaiten Sushi, Mt Lawley

Yuzu Kaiten Sushi is a small Japanese restaurant located right next to Fresh Provisions in Mt Lawley. It's difficult to find because it's hidden behind the stairs.

It wasn't a big restaurant but it has sushi train! It's hard to find Japanese restaurant with sushi trains in Perth. So I was quite excited to see one in Yuzu.

I've tried some Sushi in Yuzu. The sushi was fresh and tasty!

I had some Sashimi because I was craving for some tuna that night for some reason.
I didn't quite like the way they slice the sashimi so thinly. I like it thick because I like to fill my mouth full of food, then I can taste the fattiness of the tuna. Unfortunately it was quite thin, I don't feel satisfy having it.

As for the Sushi, it was great! Nice sushi rice, and fresh ingredients.

I had the Chicken Udon too!
Nice soup base, not oily and tasty. Udon was nice. The one thing that I don't like is the chicken chunks were a bit too tough and dry.

Overall, I like the Sushi, interior and of course the sushi train! :D
A lil bit pricey.

Yuzu Kaiten Sushi
Tues-Sun 11am-10pm
Mon & Public Holiday closed

Shop 11/649 Beaufort St, Mt Lawley
Ph: 9227 1880

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cute Proposal

I was scrolling through Twitter today and found this interesting and cute wedding proposal by Jim to Julie!
I love it even more when he uses .me instead of .com !

Check out how he uses his creativity to get his girl!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Burger Cupcake YUM!

Look what I've made today!!!

Burger and Chips! :D

Looks like toys? Well, look again carefully :)

It's edible burger and chips, except it's sweet.. hehe.

I asked my friends to come over to "help" me bake. They probably come and make fun of me more like it because I'm making something that is so crazy. They weren't convince at first til the last bit when we were assembling it. Took us about 4 hours to get this burger and chips cake done. It's worth it!

I did cheat by using the premix that I bought from Coles. (Btw, this is not a sponsored post or anything, it's just what I prefer) I use Betty Crocker premix cake because it taste better than other premix brands.. won't say which ones here :D

These are the things that you need to get to make the Burger and Chips Cake! :D

Betty Crocker Cupcake Mix Vanilla for the "Burger buns".

and Betty Crocker Brownie Mix for the "Patty"

and a tub of Betty Crocker Vanilla Frosting for "Ketchup", "Mustard" & "Lettuce" :)
Get food colourings too! They sell it in a small box with 4 colours. (forgot the brand though)

Some Sesame seeds for the buns and a shortbread cookie recipe from the net :P
That's it!

Firstly, bake it in a 20cm square pan. Let it cool after baking then use a round shape cutter to cut the brownies to use it as the patty for the burger.

Then you bake the Vanilla cupcake, make sure you make the cupcake around the same size, or else you will have a fat burger and a small burger when you put them together. ( We do it using the 1/4 cup. Fill it up then pour into the cupcake paper cups. Like that, it will be quite consistent.)

After baking, let it cool. Scoop the icing into 3 different bowls, then put food colouring in it. 1 for yellow, 1 for green and 1 for red. Mix it up well until the colours are bright and pretty! Then pour it colours to different piping bags.

Cut the cupcake into half. (Trim it til you're happy with the thickness for the bun)
Put the round brownie on then squeeze the frosting on top like the picture below. :)

Using your fingers, dab some water and wet the cupcake top a bit, then sprinkle some sesame seeds on top. It will sticks. Look like a real bun now isn't it? hehe

Oh yummy~!!!

If you have got some extra time, make some "Chips" too!
Get your own shortbread recipe, roll the dough out and cut it into thin pieces. Try a few cuts til you are happy with the size.

After baking, let it cool and sprinkle some icing sugar on top!
My "chips" look a bit over fried hahahah

I have to have some pretty packaging to go with it!!! Or else it won't look complete!

So I made some paper trays and packaging for the fries. hehe

and there you go! The Sweet version of Burger and Chips! So fun to make this!

You might think that I'm a genius! How can I come out with this idea!!??
Well, I will be damn happy if I did.. but actually, I got inspired by!
Now she is the genius!!! She is the one who create this cute and fun dessert!!! Check out her Burger and Chips post and you will think mine actually not so good looking hahaha.
You can also get the PDF of the packaging, so you can print and cut at home and use them!!
Make sure you try it!!! Have fun! :D