Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What A Unusual Day

Today is probably the most "balanced" day for me because of the stress from work, and the surprises I get!
Tuesdays is always the busiest day at my work place. But for today's Tuesday, it is the worst because of the public holiday yesterday, the job just piled up like a mountain today!
Started work at 7.30am + cold weather didn't really help! Struggled at work but I know I have worked really really hard because I need to get the work done as quick as possible before another pile of work comes in.

Anyway, cut the crap short.. aside from having a heavy work load day from 7.30am-7pm today, a few nice things happened to me and my colleagues in my department.
First surprise was Brooke and DJ brought their baby boy Toby to visit us at work! We were so happy to see them! and Toby is soooooo cute and he got blue eyes!!! I want blue eyes! @_@

Chatted with Brooke and DJ for a bit and I played with Toby too! He is still a lil bub! Head still unsteady, eyes is looking everywhere and have the sweetest smile on his face..

Another nice thing happened at work that was happened around evening. Half way through work, our workmates from the other department came in suddenly and their manager was holding a huge basket of hamper. First thing I thought was "Wow, hope there's food in there!" hahaha.. Don't know what's the hamper for but really excited about it.

And apparently it's for all of us in my department! That's such a nice gesture don't you think? They know we are trying our best to finish the job nicely and as quickly as possible for their clients.

A box full of snacks!

It's good that they know what to keep us awake. haha. Sitting and staring at the screen the whole day really makes our brain and eyes tired, and we couldn't really chit chat because it's too busy. We will always end up munching on something to keep us awake. Thank you so much for the huge box of snacks! All of us have dig into the box thoroughly and started snacking! :D

Just like what Judy told me today, good thing came in 3!
Guess what? I came home with a nice meal cooked by Joe! Veal Scallopini and Greek Salad on the side! He knows this is my favourite dish since I've tried the one at Catalanos in Vic Park.
Watching Masterchef and having Veal Scallopini for dinner, life is good.

Thank you for the surprises today!!!
My eyes is still hurting from looking at the screen for too long.. but I just had to blog about today! haha okay, I gtg! Ciaoz! :D


ching∞ said...

hope you have awesome surprises every day! hang in there!

L said...

Good to see all the lovely surprises & life is Good! and worth the while to note it down! :D