Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jer Sie & William's Big Day

2 weeks ago, I've attended Joe's high school friend's wedding. Being a person who loves pretty and happy things, I volunteered myself to be the "videographer" for their big day! William & Jer Sie (the bride and groom) must be thinking if I'm crazy and if I'm okay to film the whole wedding! hahaha.. But honestly, I was really pumped about it! I love playing with something new! ( I know I know.. I don't "play" on the big day like this..hehe but I really wanna try it! )

Something that you do not know is.. I have never done any filming before in my life. At the most, I've film using my point and shoot camera, when friends getting drunk or making fool out of themselves haha

But for the wedding, I have use the DSLR camera to film. Yeap! First time using it and seriously man.. I think I did a pretty good job! To top that off, I have never done video editing before too! That's why I've not been blogging so much lately, cuz I'm busy editing videos. :P

Okay, maybe for most of you, the video is just so-so, but I'm really happy with the result for my first attempt at filming and editing a wedding video! So if it's not as professional as some of the others out there, please excuse me :P

I hope you like the video!! Click to watch! :)

William & Jer Sie's Wedding Video from serwey on Vimeo.

Congratulations to them and I'm sure they will have a happy and wonderful life together. I thoroughly enjoyed myself on the wedding day with laughter and joy. :)

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