Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hey kitty kitty..

Last weekend, I followed my friend to visit a friend of hers from work.
Her friend has got the most cosy and comfortable home and a beautiful and fully equipped kitchen! Totally falling in love with her house. Yeap, pretty much straight away haha!

On top of that, she got 3 cats in the house too! Although I prefer dogs than cats but I like furry animals overall. Love petting them. There's this one cat in particular that is soooo shy and scared, she hid under the pillows and dare not come out! All I can see is her face with 2 big eyes!

Isn't it cute??


L said...

She's so cute!!! love how she hid under the pillows!!

ching∞ said...

jjjjiiooorrrr! her eyes BESAR nya!

Jo Serwey said...

she is very cute.. but her other cat is cuter!!! she got the thick like carpet fur!