Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wall Stickers

I love wall stickers!!! I've got one in my room and it's just brighten up the room and your mood!
You may not know this, but few weeks ago, Joe and I decided to give the house a paint with a lot of help from our dear friends! The house now look so spacious and clean~! :D

There's this part of the house which I call it the Oriental Corner. I love that area because everything is so beautiful! But to me.. it's not complete with that big blank wall..

So I've decided to go online and find some nice wall stickers!!!
Took me quite a while to find something that looks nice and match with the furniture.

Then I found this beautiful Cherry Blossom Branch with Birds from Single Stone Studio.

Isn't it nice?? It's totally what I wanted! Simple and the colours match nicely the furniture!
Ordered, paid and wait for my wall stickers to arrive. :D
It's took about 3 weeks from US to Australia, which I think it's quite okay. (although I can't wait to stick it soon!)

Anyway, look at the wall!
This is the branches!

and my favourite part is.. the chubby cute birds~!


Pretty things make me happy :D


TheBinaryBox said...

That really looks amazing! Calm, sensible colours...brilliant!:)

L said...

i love wall stickers too! if i have my own house, it'll be filled with wall stickers! lol! wah, must be so exciting waiting for them to arrive in mail! they look so good! love the birdies! :)

Jo Serwey said...

hahhaha Lil!! why not get some and put it on your room windows?? they are removable after all~ :P

L said...

hehe..actually i have an owl on my wall. (from future shelter) and a cute Christmas one (from Zakka box) on my wooden door. (i hope the owl can come off if needed without damaging the paint...coz the wall paint is so many spots of paint came off on my wall already..) :P
but ya, hope to see ur beautiful wall soon!

Tree Wall Stickers said...

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