Sunday, May 8, 2011

Twice Cooked Pork Belly

Yesterday was a challenging day for Joe and I because we had Charity Masterchef Dinner at home! As you know I did High Tea for the girls last week and so I thought this week, I will do it for the guys.

But because it's for guys.. I don't think they are interested in having cute cupcakes, cute berry tarts and tiny lil finger food! So Joe and I (well, mainly Joe and Alan :P) took up the challenge, decided to have Masterfood Dinner! Which means, all the food that we cook were all from Masterchef contestants, Season 1, 2 and 3!

First up! The "Dish of the day" according to George, Twice Cooked Pork Belly with Apple Slaw and Fragrant Rice by Billy Law.

It was the Invention Test few days ago and I can't believe it took us nearly 5 hours for this! 2 hours boiling, 2 hours of chilling in fridge (We skip this part because we were running out of time) Gotto say, not sure if it's because of the recipe wasn't tested, the fragrant rice didn't turn out the taste I thought it would be. But the Twice Cooked Pork was soft and tender eventhough we didn't chill it. The Apple Slaw is so refreshing! It just cut off the fattiness of the Pork and Rice. Sauce was delicious too.

p/s: The reason why I mentioned about recipe not tested in Masterchef, because I've tried to make Baked Chocolate Praline Tart with Raspberry Reduction and Chantily Cream the day before and I failed the Pastry. Failed the first badge of pastry making because it became really watery after processing it in the machine, impossible to even roll it out. Then I made the second batch using 1 less egg. turns out better and rolling it 3mm thickness is still quite bad after baking (came out still raw). I think should make it like 1-2mm! :P But the crust taste yum. So yeah.. I failed at making that Choc Tart.

Next Dish! Poh's Buddha's Delight! Recipe from Masterchef Season 1 Cookbook.

Gosh! You won't believe this! I've made my own Mock Meat! I think you can see it from the photo above. :P I'm still quite surprised at myself for making it! Easy ingredient but totally need strength to knead it. The dish taste wonderfully yummy and easy!!! (except making the mock meat part haha) Love it!

Now something with Vege! Alvin, Adam & Claire's Poached Chicken with Asian Coleslaw (Pg 128). Except we have swap the Chickens to King Prawns :P
Recipe is from Masterchef Season 2 Cookbook.

The Coleslaw was absolutely refreshing and full of crunch-ness! Thanks to Alan's pro Julienne skill, every single shred was perfectly cut! Nothing too thick or too thin! Gotto salute to his chopping skills.

My favourite dish for the night was the Twice cooked Chicken! Recipe is also from Masterchef Season 2 Cookbook. Joe combined 2 recipe together to make this Chicken dish. Recipe from Claire's Fried Masterstock Chicken with Chilli caramel & Orange Salt (Pg 202) and Courtney's Tastes of Chinatown (Pg 222).

Joe uses the Masterstock recipe from Courtney's simply because the recipe uses Chinese ingredients as Claire's recipe requires us to use Sake (not going to buy sake :P ) Oh, and we also uses Courtney's Five Spice Salt for dipping.
Claire's Chilli Caramel is to die for! Soooooo delicious! The most difficult part for making this, is Frying. Just becareful while frying it because the chicken's butt will shoot out hot oil! Don't ask me why! Maybe the Chicken just wanna let go some air -_-"

The last main dish for the day is Callum's Tuna Tataki with Wasabi Avocado.
Recipe from Masterchef Season 2 Cookbook. (Pg 84)

We couldn't get any Sashimi grade of Tuna. We tried our best to go to different shops but failed. At last, we bought it from Kailis in Leederville. I didn't manage to put it in a sophisticated way because we are feeding 7 people. Ops! haha. I love the daikon, cucumber and mushrooms at the bottom of the tuna! The flavour of this dish goes so well together it's unbelievable. Healthy and tasty!

Lastly, dessert! I made this a day before. (Should be Baked Chocolate Praline Tart, but because I couldn't get the crust right, so I have switch it to Adam's Pearl Pudding with Salted Coconut cream and Palm sugar. Recipe from Adam Liaw's cookbook, Two Asian Kitchens.

Something Cold and sweet to end our dinner is always a winner. :)
So Satisfying and full!

Gotto thanks Joe and Alan for all the effort that they have put in for me to support the Charity. Without them, I don't think we can have such nice and yum dinner at home! We started buying stuff at around 12pm and went home cooking at around 2.30pm and didn't finish til 6.30pm.

Thanks to the guys as well for donating so much for the charity! You guys are so generous!!! Thanks for making this happen and hope all of you enjoyed the dinner. :)

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