Friday, May 6, 2011

Lunch @ Christina's, Vic Park

I went to have lunch at Christina's today with my workmates. I think I've been there few years ago and the only thing that I remember from there was the portionof the meal is quite huge.

We had Garlic Bread for starters. It was a thick cut! Well done and love the toast. I wish it could have been a lil bit more buttery. I guess it's better this way for health. :P

The mains came after the love starters. 4 huge plates of mains!

Surf & Turf.

Spicy Chicken Salad

and my Veal Scallopini.
OMG is so huge! It's totally worth it for $27!
Fresh salad, nice chips and generous amount of veal! The gravy literally flowing out from the plate when I'm trying to cut the veal. The gravy was a tiny powdery and the veal was a bit rough. But it was still nice.

I've tried a lil of the chicken salad and it was nice! Generous bowl of salad and nicely done pieces of chicken. Not too chunky and not dry.

Surf and Turf was another huge main, my workmate loved it.

Overall, it was good lunch as it wasn't busy, friendly service and reasonable price. The only feeling that I had was that while I was having my meal, I don't think I was really enjoying it but felt a bit of hard work eating it!!! I didn't end up finish my meal :P the waitress packed it for me to bring home.

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