Monday, May 23, 2011


My cousin and I went for HBF Run yesterday and it was great!! Well besides dragging ourselves up at 5.30am..and freaking cold in the morning!!! But other than that, we were happy and feeling great after the run!! We were quite surprised that our stamina has built up quite a bit after training ourselves for 3-4 weeks to be fitter for the run! My cousin is determined to finish the next 4.5km HBF Run in 20minutes :P I can't wait to see the result tomorrow on The West Australian Newspaper! I wonder how long it takes me to finish the 4.5km.. i did slack for a bit :P
Anyway, here are some photos of the run!

Starting point.

Playing balls with the crowds!

That's us! :D

Colourful people.

We are from South Mutha Focker!!! XD

After the run...we got some balloons..

and my cousin queue up along with the kids...(look at the height different)

and play slides!!! -_-" I think she enjoyed it more than the kids.. haha

Me and the balloons..

We and the balloons.. on the way to train station :)

Can't wait for the next HBF Run in 2012!!! :D

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