Sunday, May 1, 2011

Charity Morning Tea- Success!!

Remember I mentioned about the Australia's Biggest Morning Tea Charity event last week?
I officially did my first one today!! The one last week with my cousins was kind of a trial run haha. I am extremely happy and proud of myself for planning and doing this! Firstly, it's a charity for the Cancer Council, secondly I managed to make some quite-nice sweets!

I did some planning on making the table setting looks nice. I got a nice white with nice trimmings table cloth from Spotlight, cocktail flamingo straws for drinks, 3 tiers plates and a simple standing menu did the trick. Nice and simple.

Thanks to Joe for preparing the Savouries. He made Smoked Ocean Trout & Remoulade Canapé and New York Sandwich.
Thanks to Mira as well, for contributing yummy egg sandwiches.

Isn't it appetizing? I love the Canape! So So cute and pretty!!!

For the Sweets, I've made Strawberries Chocolate Tart Slice, Lemon Meringue Cupcake and Sticky Date Pudding (forgot to take a photo of it!)
Thanks to Cecile for contributing the Melting Moments.

Drinks, I kept it the same as last week because it's such a nice tasting drink. :D
I got the recipe from Try it! Everybody love this drink. It's refreshing :)

Glad that everybody enjoyed it! They were quite surprised that I have put so much effort to it in terms of table settings and food preparation! One of my friend even thought that the food was bought from the shop! hahaha I take it as a compliment yea!~

The girls are absolutely generous with the donations! Thanks for the support girls!!
I think I will organize another charity high tea again sometime soon :)
Recipe research time! :D

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L said...

WOW! amazingly good! well done!! so you had the high tea! must be so much fun! :D