Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Petting Animal Farm

I went to Belmont Forum today to see the Petting Animal farm. It is basically baby animals in a fenced up area and kids are allowed to go in to pet the animals.

Usually, the Petting Animal Farm is set up for children. The children can feed them, brush them and hold them. Most of the time if you see any adults in there, its usually with their kid.

For me, when I see the baby animals, I will forget about everything. Gave Joe my bag, open the gate and started chasing the animals around. Pet everyone of them!
They are soooooooo adorable!

While I was in there, I'm totally forget that I'm quite tall compare to the kids in there while I'm chasing the pets around when every mother and son is outside the fenced up area looking at me. Forgot somebody is waiting for me and carrying my bag :P

Baby Alpaca!!!!! XD

Even when I have kids sometime in the future, I think I will be more excited then them to see baby animals :)

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