Saturday, April 9, 2011

My new area

There's this lil spot at home that I always wanted to do something with it but never did.
The spot is at the side of backyard. There's unwanted pots, wooden cupboard and some unwelcome guests at the corner of everywhere :P

Then yesterday, I had this urge to make this place my new chill out zone in the house!
I did a bit of research on the newspaper and the net..
Went to the shop today and pick up the things I wanted..

Do a bit of screwing and twisting...
Get a bit of help from my cousin Jilyne & Joe..


My new chill out zone!
Maybe I will put some of my creativity juice in here by decorating this place. Don't know how yet but definitely will have a cup of tea on the table. I think a cup of tea can consider to be decoration? :P

I think Mantou and Char Siu Bao love the new chill out zone too!


L said...

woa! i super like your new chill out zone!! may lots of creative juices flow in this beautiful hide-away place! :D

Jo Serwey said...

Yay! Hopefully winter comes in much later!!! :P