Sunday, April 17, 2011

I fly a plane!

Yes you read it right! I did fly a plane today at Royal Aero Club of WA, Jandakot. It was an awesome experience!

The reason why I've decided to do the flying is because of the discounted price that I got from Scoopon and of course I have never fly a plane before!

I went there with Mark, he was as excited as me! He got the friendly and funny girl instructor and I got the tall and cute guy instructor :P

This is the plane that I'm flying. It's 2 seated, lots of round round things and buttons. (yeaps talking stupid) and 2 steers (Just in case people start doing stunts!)

I wore the huge ear phone and I just feel so cool to just listen to the pilots and the control centre communicating to each other about traffic in the sky, weather condition, taking off and stuff like that! Especially when you got a cute guy sitting next to you, bringing you to the sky and talking all these things! Wow HOTNESS! hahahaha.. Now I know why girls love Pilots.

I did the steering while I am in the sky. To the left, to the right, going up and lower down. It's awesome! We fly to Cottosloe, to Freo then took a round and went back. Scenery was beautiful!

This is my instructor Aaron.
I asked him how long will it take for me to practice until I can fly solo. He said just need 12 hours of practice with a qualified instructor and I am ready to fly by myself! Hey! 12 hours! I think I can do that hahahaha

Unfortunately, it will cost me 3k plus for 12 hours. If I win lotto, I will enrol and learn to fly for sure!

Look! My Certificate!
Woah! Sexy hehehehe

If you are interested to have Trial Flight like me, go to Royal Aero Club website and check it out!


L said...

you so funny la, Jo. Sooo fun!! to be flying... :)

Jo Serwey said...

U GO FLY TOO! Maybe you will get to sit beside the cute.. I MEAN, Get the flight certificate!!! XD

rumtum tigger said...

omg so cool! why didnt i notice tht offer on scoopon? ps. HOT! hahaha

Jo Serwey said...

it was last year's deal. maybe wait for a while.. might have it again heehhe

ching∞ said...

OMG this is SO COOL! Papa said if you really into flying.. he'll pay the fees for you woh.. :p

Pardelope said...

The aircraft mounted on the pillar was owned and flown by the nurse Robin Miller. She was known as "The Sugar Bird Lady" from when she flew to outback places in W.A to administer the Polio vaccine (a syrup was placed on cubes of sugar). The work involved long hours and considerable exposure to strong heat and sun. Unfortunately, she died not long after marrying Dr Dicks from the RFDS - due to the spread of a melaenoma on her calf.