Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter High Tea XD

Happy Easter Everyone!!!
Isn't it the best Friday ever?? Well, it is to me ! :P

So what did everyone do today? For me, I had a beautiful and fun High Tea with my cousins and Joe! Everyone of us whipped up a storm in the kitchen to make a beautiful and yummy high tea for ourselves.

Jilyne and I started doing the baking yesterday night for about 5 hours and continued today with Eileen and Joe for another 2 hours. It's totally worth it!

Because it's Easter, I bought some decorations to go with it! Some colourful eggs, a basket, some choc M&M eggs and some chicks!! (I made the Hot Cross Eggs too! Real eggss! The ones in Green!! )

High Tea is nearly ready! 3 types of savoury and 3 types of sweet!

For Savoury, we've got the Sauerkraut Ham & Cheese Toasted Sandwich and Warm Butter Hot Cross Buns and Egg Sandwich Roll.

Sauerkraut is absolute winner today. The taste is so so yum! Sour Salty and a lil bit sweet. Wow, it even had a burst while biting it! Love it!

For Sweets, we've got the beautiful vanilla cupcake! Decorated by Jilyne. She put lots of effort in it.

Lemon & Lime Tart Brulee. My favourite of all time! I like this tart alot except the lemon curd wasn't set properly. But still taste really good! hehehe

and Sago Pudding drizzled with Palm Sugar with coconut cream. Recipe from Adam Liaw's cook book.

For our drinks, we've made Iced Apple Tea with Mint. Absolutely refreshing!!

Sooooooo delish and we were so full after that!!! Although the food is not professional standard but we were very happy because we made it and we enjoyed it together!!

Joe took this photo of us posing before we started eating! ehehehe
I'm holding my Hot Cross Egg that I made, Eileen wearing the bunny ears pretending drinking, and Jilyne is trying to grab the cupcakes!

Guess what! I'm making another High Tea for my friends next week! That is for charity! I made the food, and my friends will donate. Hopefully every goes well!! I don't know if I can do it without my cousins help!! Wish me luck :P

Happy Easter everyone!!! XD


JiLyne ♥ said...

I'm trying to grab the M&M's chocs! LOL!

Unknown said...

wow jojo looks amazing!! I love high tea such a great way to enoy food with great company. Happy Easter and hope to catch up soon!!

ching∞ said...

high tea for charity! thats fantastic! get leen and jilyne to help la! ask them to stop PARTY-ing and do some good cause!

by the way IM VERY JEALOUS for having such great fun there!

Jo Serwey said...

Jil: yes M&M.. hehehe I know u like my cupcake! pfft!

Elisha: Hey Elisha! We will meet up soon! hehe I will make you nice High tea :P

Je: Hahaha Will sure make one when you come over! Don't worry, Eileen and Jilyne will Fuk Si you!! :D
and Joe will make you Sauerkraut Sandwich! ahahahah I will sit there enjoy with you :P

ching∞ said...

wey, sound like a PERFECT plan.. please make sure leen and jilyne wear maid's uniform. I'm sure i'm gonna HAVE LOADS of fun bossing them around :p

seriously you four.. awesome work on baking and cooking!

oh btw, go read my comment on your flying experience ;)