Monday, April 4, 2011


Can't believe how time flies!!!
It's Joe and I, 6th year Anniversary today!!
As both of us still feeling exhausted from yesterday's event, we decided to have a simple night to celebrate our day. Joe brought me to have my favourite Chicken Wings at Northbridge and got me 2 bunches of flowers!
Why 2 bunches?
The first bunch was a decoy, to fool me into thinking he bought the wrong type of flowers. These were sitting in the living room. The second bunch was waiting in my bedroom.
He really got me this time! Especially since I specifically requested for it. :D
What did I get him? I got him Koko Black's Heart Shaped Chocolate!

Happy 6th Anniversary Mantou + Char Siu Bao!!!!


Franky said...

Congrats JoJoe ....!!! HAve a good celebration.

Jo Serwey said...

thanks Frances! :D