Friday, April 29, 2011


Look what I found in the drawer when I was doing some cleaning in the house!


It is called the Technophone! Wow.. it's heavy & it's huge! I was quite excited to find this phone in the drawer. As some of you might know that I'm kinda a "rubbish" collector person. Finding old stuffs makes me happy. Well, depends on what it is of course! :P

You won't believe it, other than the phone, I found the instruction booklet and 1 extra battery! Unfortunately, can't find the charger.

It was made in some time around 1992 and it is actually made by Nokia! GSM, made in Finland, and I found a SIM Card in the phone too! :D

Woah.. didn't know the history of Nokia was so long ago! Interesting~ ^_^

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Petting Animal Farm

I went to Belmont Forum today to see the Petting Animal farm. It is basically baby animals in a fenced up area and kids are allowed to go in to pet the animals.

Usually, the Petting Animal Farm is set up for children. The children can feed them, brush them and hold them. Most of the time if you see any adults in there, its usually with their kid.

For me, when I see the baby animals, I will forget about everything. Gave Joe my bag, open the gate and started chasing the animals around. Pet everyone of them!
They are soooooooo adorable!

While I was in there, I'm totally forget that I'm quite tall compare to the kids in there while I'm chasing the pets around when every mother and son is outside the fenced up area looking at me. Forgot somebody is waiting for me and carrying my bag :P

Baby Alpaca!!!!! XD

Even when I have kids sometime in the future, I think I will be more excited then them to see baby animals :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Something funny

Found something funny from my cousin's tumblr..

I wonder who think of these things!!! ahahahah Very creative!
Oh! Happy Anzac everyone!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter High Tea XD

Happy Easter Everyone!!!
Isn't it the best Friday ever?? Well, it is to me ! :P

So what did everyone do today? For me, I had a beautiful and fun High Tea with my cousins and Joe! Everyone of us whipped up a storm in the kitchen to make a beautiful and yummy high tea for ourselves.

Jilyne and I started doing the baking yesterday night for about 5 hours and continued today with Eileen and Joe for another 2 hours. It's totally worth it!

Because it's Easter, I bought some decorations to go with it! Some colourful eggs, a basket, some choc M&M eggs and some chicks!! (I made the Hot Cross Eggs too! Real eggss! The ones in Green!! )

High Tea is nearly ready! 3 types of savoury and 3 types of sweet!

For Savoury, we've got the Sauerkraut Ham & Cheese Toasted Sandwich and Warm Butter Hot Cross Buns and Egg Sandwich Roll.

Sauerkraut is absolute winner today. The taste is so so yum! Sour Salty and a lil bit sweet. Wow, it even had a burst while biting it! Love it!

For Sweets, we've got the beautiful vanilla cupcake! Decorated by Jilyne. She put lots of effort in it.

Lemon & Lime Tart Brulee. My favourite of all time! I like this tart alot except the lemon curd wasn't set properly. But still taste really good! hehehe

and Sago Pudding drizzled with Palm Sugar with coconut cream. Recipe from Adam Liaw's cook book.

For our drinks, we've made Iced Apple Tea with Mint. Absolutely refreshing!!

Sooooooo delish and we were so full after that!!! Although the food is not professional standard but we were very happy because we made it and we enjoyed it together!!

Joe took this photo of us posing before we started eating! ehehehe
I'm holding my Hot Cross Egg that I made, Eileen wearing the bunny ears pretending drinking, and Jilyne is trying to grab the cupcakes!

Guess what! I'm making another High Tea for my friends next week! That is for charity! I made the food, and my friends will donate. Hopefully every goes well!! I don't know if I can do it without my cousins help!! Wish me luck :P

Happy Easter everyone!!! XD

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Australia's Biggest Morning Tea

Did you know May 26 is Australia's Biggest Morning Tea Day?

How does Australia Biggest Morning Tea works?
It is a Charity event. Basically, either you or your friends host a Morning Tea (BBQ if you prefer), invite your guests and ask them to make a donation for drinks or food. Then the money will go to Cancer Council to help support the fight against cancer.

You can hold the event anytime
, anywhere throughout May or June.

It's simple, fun and best of all for a great cause!

Go to their website to have a look! That will give you more info and ideas.

I'm planning to have the Morning Tea sometime soon! Are you having a Morning Tea Party too? Come on! It's going to be fun!! Let me know if you are hosting one! :D

Sunday, April 17, 2011

I fly a plane!

Yes you read it right! I did fly a plane today at Royal Aero Club of WA, Jandakot. It was an awesome experience!

The reason why I've decided to do the flying is because of the discounted price that I got from Scoopon and of course I have never fly a plane before!

I went there with Mark, he was as excited as me! He got the friendly and funny girl instructor and I got the tall and cute guy instructor :P

This is the plane that I'm flying. It's 2 seated, lots of round round things and buttons. (yeaps talking stupid) and 2 steers (Just in case people start doing stunts!)

I wore the huge ear phone and I just feel so cool to just listen to the pilots and the control centre communicating to each other about traffic in the sky, weather condition, taking off and stuff like that! Especially when you got a cute guy sitting next to you, bringing you to the sky and talking all these things! Wow HOTNESS! hahahaha.. Now I know why girls love Pilots.

I did the steering while I am in the sky. To the left, to the right, going up and lower down. It's awesome! We fly to Cottosloe, to Freo then took a round and went back. Scenery was beautiful!

This is my instructor Aaron.
I asked him how long will it take for me to practice until I can fly solo. He said just need 12 hours of practice with a qualified instructor and I am ready to fly by myself! Hey! 12 hours! I think I can do that hahahaha

Unfortunately, it will cost me 3k plus for 12 hours. If I win lotto, I will enrol and learn to fly for sure!

Look! My Certificate!
Woah! Sexy hehehehe

If you are interested to have Trial Flight like me, go to Royal Aero Club website and check it out!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


I was googling some ideas from the net yesterday and came across this funny pic!

Don't you think it's hilarious?? :D
Hope you have a happy Friday everyone!!!
It's Friday~ Friday~ Gotta get down on Friday~...

Monday, April 11, 2011

High Tea @ Rochelle Adonis, Northbridge

Last Saturday, I went to have a beautiful high tea at Rochelle Adonis with my 2 cousins, Jilyne and Eileen~! The shop look really pretty and really girlie too. :)

Beautiful settings, cute lightings and very friendly service!

High Tea is $45 per person, includes the two courses, tea and coffee.

First up, the savoury.
-Gazpachio with grape
-Baked ricotta with Cherry tomato & pesto
-Cucumber Sandwich

Gazpachio with grape was really nice. It's Jilyne's favourite!
Honestly, it was something different. I have never try anything like this before. Great combination and looks delicate.

Baked Ricotta was Eileen's favourite! Just nice in flavor. Not over powering and it melts in your mouth~

For the Sweets,
- White Chocolate, cranberry & Pistachio nougat
- Italian Canolli with chocolate & rose petal cream patissiere
- White Chocolate & mint mousse with chocolate sable
- Chocolate Sable, maple fudge & whipped ganache

The nougat was the best nougat that I have ever eaten in my life. Not too sweet and taste heavenly!

Italian Canolli taste really romantic. haha.. I know it sounds weird but try it!

Chocolate fudge was my favourite. Chocolatey and not too sweet! I wish to have that again!

Here's another Sweet, Rocky Road Ice Cream!
I'm not rocky road fan but this one is a winner! I love rocky road now!!! It taste amazingly yummm.. lots of texture, lots of flavours! Love it!

Of course we never forget to camwhore!
With my Fuji Instax!

and more~!

and this!

Taken with the huge mirror! :D

Bookings are essential and 24 hours notice with 50% deposit. Minimum 2 persons.

Rochelle Adonis
Ph 9227 0007
Wed-Sat. 10am-4pm
193, Brisbane St, Northbridge

Rochelle Adonis on Urbanspoon

Saturday, April 9, 2011

My new area

There's this lil spot at home that I always wanted to do something with it but never did.
The spot is at the side of backyard. There's unwanted pots, wooden cupboard and some unwelcome guests at the corner of everywhere :P

Then yesterday, I had this urge to make this place my new chill out zone in the house!
I did a bit of research on the newspaper and the net..
Went to the shop today and pick up the things I wanted..

Do a bit of screwing and twisting...
Get a bit of help from my cousin Jilyne & Joe..


My new chill out zone!
Maybe I will put some of my creativity juice in here by decorating this place. Don't know how yet but definitely will have a cup of tea on the table. I think a cup of tea can consider to be decoration? :P

I think Mantou and Char Siu Bao love the new chill out zone too!

Monday, April 4, 2011


Can't believe how time flies!!!
It's Joe and I, 6th year Anniversary today!!
As both of us still feeling exhausted from yesterday's event, we decided to have a simple night to celebrate our day. Joe brought me to have my favourite Chicken Wings at Northbridge and got me 2 bunches of flowers!
Why 2 bunches?
The first bunch was a decoy, to fool me into thinking he bought the wrong type of flowers. These were sitting in the living room. The second bunch was waiting in my bedroom.
He really got me this time! Especially since I specifically requested for it. :D
What did I get him? I got him Koko Black's Heart Shaped Chocolate!

Happy 6th Anniversary Mantou + Char Siu Bao!!!!

[Photog] Franky & Mira's Wedding

Congratulations to my friends Franky and Mira.
They had the most wonderful wedding yesterday at Swan Valley.
The sky was perfectly blue, wedding dress looks stunning on Mira and the smile on Franky's face is just priceless.

I was lucky enough to be the photographer on their wedding day along with some other photo enthusiasts. Honestly, I was pretty nervous about the idea of capturing their important day but excited at the same time!

I planned about the shoot, getting all the gears ready, did lots of research just in case I miss out anything and getting a dress that is easy and comfortable enough for the dinner and shooting. It is my first wedding shoot after all! The only thing that I forgot to do is a couple of push ups and runnings for 2 weeks before the wedding to get my stamina going!

Although my whole body is aching now (I can't even walk down the stairs properly!!) but it was totally worth it! Capturing people tearing, hugging, congratulating, dancing is really something that I enjoy doing. I can't wait to share the rest of the photos with all of you especially Franky and Mira. I'm sure they will be quite excited to see them too.

Congratulations to both of them again and hope to see Lil Frankys and Lil Miras running around soon~!