Thursday, March 17, 2011

Melb Day 4: The Press Club - Pacific House

On day 4, we just can't be bothered to wake up early because of where we went in the middle of the night....

Yes.. Crown Casinooooo... It's basically 5-10 minutes walk from our hotel. It was soooo near, we went there 3 times and one of the days, I have my luckiest night EVER in my whole damn life. Won black jack 7 times in a row at the $25 table. That is insane! But damn happy!

Anyway, we brunch at 12pm, The Press Club. Opened by the famous George Colombaris from Masterchef Australia.

I was really excited to be there, finally in the Masterchef town, Masterchef restaurant. You can see how crazy I am right? Well, I only like Masterchef Australia though, not US or UK.

Open Kitchen in The Press Club. Pretty impressive.

I love the orange glass. Easy to hold, comfortable to use and beautiful colours!

We started off with some olives, black salt and bread.

Oh, by the way, we had the degustation.

First dish was Entree-Blue Swimmer Crab

Then the second entree- 15 sec smoke Duck horiatiki, fennel, smoked almond

Looks cool isn't it?

I really love the duck.. so nice and tender.

For Mains, we had the John Dory - summer vegetables soupa, quinoa, courgette flower

and the Lamb - TPC old favourite, neck, quinoa, nuts, feta, bizelia

Dessert : Choc mouse, Honey Comb, banana cake

I love the dessert! not too sweet and over powering. everything is just nicely blend. love it.

Yes! He is the mannnnn!!! George Colombaris! I really never thought that I've got the chance to see him!!! I was soooooooo lucky! I was eating half way and saw George in the kitchen talking to his chefs! So I quickly ask the waitress if I could have a photo taken with him!

He was soooo nice! Came all the way to our table and shake hands with friendly greetings and thank us! I swear in that minute, we felt like somebody important! hahahaha people around us must thought that we are some big shot! ... until I took out my camera and have a photo taken with him :P I don't care!!!! I must have a photo with him! hahaha

If you were there, you can see my face just can't stop smiling! Like a small kid! Gosh.. I still can't believe that I saw him hahaha Overjoyed!

After our Brunch, we just walked around the neighbourhood. Here are some photos that I took while I was having a stroll (digestion stroll, seriously need it).

Then we went to Melbourne Museum. I have been there I think about 6 years ago, and I think it's a really nice Museum to go to, so I forced Joe to go with me again. Good thing is, he liked it too!

Flying Squirrel! I want this!

Cutest dinasour ever.

We are the doctors!

Oh look! you got 2 big holes in your chest!

Welcome to my house

Would you like to take a sit?

After that, we went to Lygon St to see the famous Italian Strip and we went to Koko Black instead hahaha to rest and try their chocies!

Ice Chocolate & Light hot Chocolate.

Koko Black's Choc.
Salt caramel, stout, caramel, macadamia.

Lygon St restaurants

During dinner time, we told ourselves no more fancy food because at the rate we eating, it's just insane. I'm not even sure if my stomach is doing the digestion well! Having fine dining everyday really makes us crave for Asian food again :P

Did some googling and found the Best Roast Pork and Roast Duck place in Melbourne!

Pacific House at Victoria St! It was packed at around 8pm. A lot of take aways and people still coming in for dinner!

Soup on the house.

Then we have 2 types of soft shell crab.
It's silly that we do that, because when we were ordering, the waiter actually said it's not enough for us when we order just 1 soft shell crab, then somehow we order 2 different flavors instead.

Salted Egg Soft Shell Crab

Salt and Chilli Soft Shell Crab.

The famous Roast Pork and Duck! Hey! It was really good!

The duck was soft and crispy and juicy! The pork fat is just right, not very oily and most importantly the crispy skin! Oh it's so yum!!

Our day ended with food happiness and we know we had to leave Melbourne the next day. We both want the holiday to be a lil longer~~~

Look! My winnings! :P
But lost is all the next day hahahaha
Oh well, I had fun!

to be continue.. Day 5 (Last day)


L said...

wow!! i really like your sharing & pics! u even met George! awesome! The melbourne museum is simply awesome ya!! i like how all the animals were arranged!

L said...

ps: i love ur photossss on ur other blog! Good stuff! Keep taking more pics of Perth's exotic suburbs.

Jo Serwey said...

Hey L!
yes! Meeting George is definitely awesome! I was too lucky!!
and thanks for loving the other blog of mine. I have been neglecting it for quite a while now because of the hot weather and the holidays.
I will keep it up!!! :D