Sunday, March 13, 2011

Melb Day 3: Nhu Lan - Codo - Josie Bones

Day 3 at Melbourne is full of memories flashback. I met 2 of my old friends from primary and high school. Felt really nice seeing them again :)

In the morning, Joe and I stopped by Victoria St which is the Vietnamese town.
That street is no doubt full of Vietnamese grocery shops, restaurants, bakeries, butcher, seafood shop, DVD shop and more. It's amazing.

I've stopped by the Vietnamese "Subway" to have the famous Vietnamese BBQ pork roll for my breakfast. Quite nice actually!

Butcher shop

Some kind of crab

Fresh Abalone

Alley way

Selling plants and veges

Bacon Press

Kitchenware shop

Then at around 1.30pm. I met my high school friend for lunch. So happy to see her, met her husband and her baby bump! We talked and talked nonstop! So great to catch up with an old friend for gossips :P

We went to Co Do to have Vietnamese as it was recommended by a friend and it was mentioned in the Cheap eats Melbourne book.

They are quite famous with this dish, Roast Quail.
It is a nice dish. Quail was juicy, tasty and meaty as well.

Of course I had to try Pho right? I had beef tripe and raw beef pho.
It was delicious. Soup was perfect. But I was wondering why the noodles all so short. Is it their style?

Me, Ee Lane and Ivan

After lunch, they were kind enough to dropped us at Queen Victoria Market so we don't have to wait for the tram. Yay.

Everything in Queen Victoria Market is so cheap, compare to the prices in Perth! While we were there, Joe so tempted to buy everything and bring home! Unfortunately that is impossible haha.

The market outside closes quite early, so we didn't get to see much. :( We told ourselves that we will keep it for our next trip. haha.. I don't know when is that gonna be :P

This is the place that I bought my Cheap Eats Melbourne. The shop is call Mag Nation. It's a heaven for magazine lovers. So many kinds of magazines! I was there for 30 minutes just reading the photography mags. hahaha. save money :P

At around 5pm, we started heading to Collingwood to have dinner. 5pm for dinner is too early isn't it? Yes, it is early but because I'm so afraid that I couldn't get a table, I headed there early. I don't care, I just wanna get there as soon as possible before everybody does. :P
and of course meeting a friend that I know since primary! Jun!

That place is Josie Bones.

If you follow Masterchef Australia Season 1, you will know about Josie Bones.

Josie Bones is opened by the Masterchef Aus contestant Chris (the beer and pork guy) and Julia (the first winner for the chef challenge). Josie Bones aim to give you a complete beer and food experience, from a range of ever-changing seasonal beers on tap and our large range of local and international bottled beer, to the matched food which will be seasonal, local, entire beast focused, cooked with beer where appropriate and tailor made for eating at our bar.

Josie Bones will hold beer and food matching events, beer tastings, brewer nights and regular beery feasts.

Remember now?

Believe it or not, this is their beer list. It's bigger than most wine lists I've seen!!
Seriously we don't know what to choose. We just have the beer sommelier to match the beer to whatever food that we ordered.

First up, Crackling of the day match with the Czech beer (Beer 1).

Beer 2 (waiting for my friend to come)

Beer 3 to match

Oyster with Crisp Nori with Brewdog rip tide jelly.

Rabbit Terrine Crisp bread onion jam with beer 4

Bread and butter

Quinoa pomegranate , Duck liver parfait, Crisp

Beer 5

Rolled pigs head with Crackle

Slow cooked pork belly with pickled peaches and soubise

Zucchini carpaccio with eggplant stuffed zuchini flower, whipped persian fetta and smoked almonds

Beer 6 & 7

Beer Sommelier

Blackberry and Guiness Bombe Alaska

I call this 'Passionfruit everything'! I love it so much!!!

Dark Chocolate Mousse with candied orange and walnut crumble

Me and Jun!! Happy posing with the food

3 of us, going to start digging into the desserts.

Last but not least.. the bill with the cute lil horsey!

to be continue.. Day 4

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