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Melb Day 2: Brunetti-Vue De Monde-Cutler & Co.

Note: This post will make you hungry.

Day 2 in Melbourne! Which means my birthday in Melbourne too!
The purpose that we come to Melbourne is actually for my birthday! A gift from Joe!
I have never been to a birthday trip before! What's more exciting is having 3 good meals in 1 day!!

First stop: Breakfast at Brunetti.
Brunetti has become one of Melbourne's most iconic places to visit to indulge in a delicious Italian style coffee from the Bar, cake from the Pasticceria, gelato or tempting savoury from the Paninoteca.

Seriously, just by looking at the pastries, your head goes OMG WHICH ONE SHOULD I PICK??
Everything is so pretty and delicious! I know I should have something savoury in the morning but I just can't stop staring at the cakes!!

So, I had mini Strawberry custard tart, lemon meringue tart, choc cannoli and mango macaroon.
Honestly, macaroons in Perth can't fight with Brunetti's macaroon. It's soooooo yum! Best one that I've tried!

Joe had the sandwich thing that I can't spell or pronounce. It tasted like delicious French Toast and ham and cheese. Best breakfast ever. I wish that I'm there for breakfast everyday. Seriously.

We had each a pot of English Breakfast too.
After eating the delicious breakfast, we sat there, sipping the cup of tea. OMG... I really felt like I'm having the best life! Relaxing, cold breeze and hot tea! I really don't feel like leaving that place!

Bird cozying up

A Theatre somewhere on Collin St

We walked around city at the more expensive area up at Collin St. There's Prada, Gucci, Chanel and a lot more branded shop. I can't keep up with these brands hahaha. But it's nice to see though ahhaah I like the buildings in the city, old looking buildings but they keep it really well.

Yes you guess it right! It's lunch time again! This is not an ordinary restaurant! It's Vue De Monde! A very famouse French restaurant in Melbourne. In fact it is the Top 4 restaurant in Australia.

Vue de Monde is now my favourite restaurant. They are very professional on what they are doing and very organize. Very polite and the food is excellent. Best dining experience in my life.

French Butter mmm....Where can I get French butter in Perth?

We got ourselves the 5 courses degustation $100. The waiter told us if we need to add more courses, we can buy adding $15 per dish. I thought it was pretty good price. and of course, I thought to myself, yea.. I can eat more than 5 :)

Expensive glasses

I will show you what I had for lunch yea. Be prepared. I don't think I will describe everything because it has been a week since I've eaten those... If you got a chance, go there for lunch or dinner, it's worth it.

We started off with homemade chips and homemade sour cream. Pretty good for starters.

Then we got our Amuse Bouche-Smoke eel.

Sesame seeds bread with french butter

Merlan legume d'ete
Whiting, Summer vegetables
This dish is very creative. It's well balance and delicately decorated.

Ecrevisse Et Crab En Sandwich, Emulsion Beurre Noisette
Marron on a hot river stone, spanner crab sandwich, brown butter emulsion
Love the Crab sandwich.

Oeuf De Canard, Ris D'agneau, Oignon
Fried duck egg, lamb sweetbreads, pickled onion

Oeuf De Canard, Ris D'agneau
Fried duck egg, lamb sweetbreads

They are the same dish except Joe's ones were with onions (the original). Before we started our courses, the waiter asked if we don't like anything, usually I will say no but somehow this time I felt like I should tell them I don't really like onions. Luckily I did, because this dish is about different textures of onions. I'm glad that mine was garlic. It was very very good.

Sorbet Au Concombre, Granite Au Sureau
Cucumber Sorbet, elderflower granite, frozen lime
Love this palatte cleanser. Absolutely refreshing.

Brandade de morue, betterave, Os A moelle
Salt cod, beetroot, smoked bone marrow
My favourite dish. They even decorated with heart shaped leaves!

Joue de bceuf de blackmore
Blakcmore wagyu beef cheek, leek

Entremet sucre
Frozen lolly, popping candy, house made lemonade
This dish brings back memories. Do you remember the sachet of fizzy candy that sells in the stalls or candy shop in KL? When you pour those crystallize candies into your mouth, you get those fizzy feelings in your mouth? I remember I used to get them every other week from the roti man. :)

Eucalyptus, cafe, chocolat, fraise, truffe
Eucalyptus, coffee, chocolate, strawberry, fresh meringue, truffle
Most expensive dessert that I've ever tried. Truffle. 0_0

It's 8 texture of strawberries.

Notre selection de cafes, thes, infusions et petits fours
A selection of coffee, teas, infusions, & petit-fours

I like these petits fours. They are just wonderful. Simple yet attractive.

Lemon Gems & Little lammingtons made from chocolate mousse

Mango licorice
Look like cigarette butt in the ash tray isn't it? hehe creative

Marshmallow thyme

Not sure if you notice that I mentioned 5 courses. But it ends up with 15 different kinds of dishes! Well I actually add the dessert myself. so Basically I should have only 6 course but I ended up with 9 extra on the house! I'm not complaining hahahaha It's a damn good experience and food. It's totally worth it!!

By the time we finish our meal, it was already 3pm. We couldn't go anywhere too far as we have another restaurant booked for 7pm dinner! We were a bit regret doing the 1 full day of Good Food, probably need like tons and tons of exercising to lose those fat! But it was good. Really good. We will make sure we don't do that for the next Food trip hahahah

We ducked into Docklands, had a walk at Harbour Town and nearbys.

We found Costco though! Only allows members to shop there but we can go in as a visitor with a pass and we can't purchase anything. Everything is so cheap there. Joe was like Cheap! ChEaP! CHEAP!! all the way!

The time went so quick, it's time for us to take the tram to Fitzroy!

To where? To Cutler & Co. Voted as the top restaurant in Australia.

Honestly we were quite excited to try out the food. Interior appeals to me. Very nice. Pretty casual dining and not pretentious.
Service was prompt until Joe told me about something after we finish our dinner.
Food was good but I think I prefer Vue de Monde's.

While I was there sitting and observing people, guess who I saw?? My really really long time no see friend! I know her when I was 13 and didn't see her after that. She hasn't changed a bit! still look cute and pretty hahaha. She was shocked to see me too and she remembers my name. What a great coincident on my birthday!

Here are some dishes that Joe and I had that night at Cutler & Co.

Lychee Mocktail


pumpkin seeds and sarniola olives

Cured king fish

Smoke ocean trout mousse with cracker rye and caviar. Thumbs up.

Salad. Two Thumbs up.

Poached chicken with foie gras parfait

Wagyu beef

Roast suckling pig

Chocolate Ice cream sandwich , vanilla parfait and salted caramel

So, what did it really happen was, Joe told a waiter there that it was my birthday and was hoping if can put a candle on my dessert or something for me while I was in the toilet. He then assured to Joe and said LEAVE IT TO ME! EVERYTHING WILL BE PERFECT! Joe thought okay.. maybe he will do something nice for me, but my dessert came, finished my dessert, then Joe's tea came, and he finished it as well, and still.. no candle. I didn't know anything about it but Joe was waiting and waiting..

We didn't get the candle eventually. Joe told me after we left that place. He was pretty disappointed but I felt happy because he did it for me. He is such a sweet guy. :)
Thank you for giving me such a nice and unforgettable birthday + indulging holiday. I'm such a lucky girl! ^-^

Just a waitress that I think she look like Helen Mirren (The Queen) but joe thinks that she looks like .. err... i forgot her name. update u tmr!

To be continue.. Day 3

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