Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Melb Day 1: Bistrot D'rosay-Hutong Dumpling Bar-Jalan Alor

Not sure if you are interested with my Melbourne FOOD Trip posts but I'm gonna write it anyway :P
Joe and I were there for 5 days and it was awesome! Melbourne got so much good food!
Anyway, let's start my journey in Melbourne on the summer days at 9 freaking degrees celcius. We got there about 6.30am and it was freaking cold! What the heck right!? It's suppose to be summer! I'm soooooo lucky that my workmates warned me about it. They asked me to pack winter clothes instead of summer clothes. Thank god we did.

Domestic airport was pretty quiet that morning. I'm not used to a quiet airport. haha So, we have a couple of hours to spare because we couldn't check in til 10am. So, we went to our hotel, drop off our luggage and started exploring the city. Here are some photos of it.

Carpark at Domestic Airport

250 Collins Street Building

We did a search online for a place for breakfast and found this place call Bistrot D'rosay on 184 Collins St. Bistrot d’Orsay is open all day, serving breakfast from 9.00am. The lunch/dinner menu leans toward a provençal Mediterranean theme, adapting French bistro classics such as bouillabaise and crème brûlée. Dishes like seafood linguini and risotto give a nod to the Italians as well.

It was beautiful inside. I never have breakfast in such romantic settings before. :P

Huge selections of wine. Good service.

We both had a pot of tea each and Toasted Croissant, ham, cheese and salad. It was delicious! Nicely toasted Croissant, everything taste really well balance and the salad was so fresh! We really enjoyed our croissants. We were wanting to go back there for dinner but we have decided to keep it for next time. :) After breakfast, we were back to the hotel. Holiday Inn on Spencer St.

Nice, neat, clean and comfortable room! We love it! The bed was sooooooo comfortable! You will just fall asleep pretty much straight away after you lay down. (Seriously, we really missed the bed. We want that bed!)

Room was fully equipped. Whatever you need, they got it there in the room.

Now, let's talk about lunch. We went to Hu Tong Dumpling Bar. It was voted as the best dumpling bar in Melbourne. How can we not go right?

Hu Tong Dumpling Bar is located at 14-16 Market Lane. Make sure you booked before you go there because is packed during lunch and dinner time. Service was good, interior was cosy and oriental and the dumplings were yummylicious!

Our lunch consist of 3 different kinds of dumplings.

The Chilli Wontons - Our favourite. Skin was really soft and thin, generous size dumplings and the sauce is just perfect.

Xiao Long Bao. This is another winner. Skin wasn't thick, tasty soup!

Vegetarian Dumplings. We weren't big fan of this though.. I just felt it need more taste (quite bland) probably the punch of pepper is missing.

After lunch, we were off for a long walk again exploring the city. :)

Magazine Booth on the street

An old man with plaited white hair playing the very old and broken piano. The songs still sounds good!

Flinders Street Train Station

City of Melbourne Logo

A billboard with lots of tits.

An empty shop that is on 30%-50% off.

Bridge Street in Richmond

Chilling out in a Cafe sipping Lemon Lime and Bitters

Beer shop

City Tram

The White House that is painted in Red and Grey

We walked until my legs felt numbed! Yes, my stamina has gone downhill AGAIN. But guess what! No time for exercising! It's dinner time! My friend told me about this place in the city called Jalan Alor, 7/206 Bourke St.

Jalan Alor is a street in Kuala Lumpur that serves good hawker food! I've been there a couple of times there for their famous BBQ Chicken wings at night and fish head noodle for lunch. Unfortunately, the Jalan Alor in Melbourne doesn't sell the famous Chicken wings and fish head noodles! But they have got other hawker food like hokkien mee, curries and stuff like that.

I had the Hokkien Mee.
Taste quite similar but it's not there yet. I'm quite picky on hokkien mee because I eat them since I'm very very very young. hahaha So I won't say it's my favourite.

Joe had the Chilli Pan Mee. I like the texture of the noodle, it was just right! Springy and not too thick. The gravy was a bit too sweet though. Generous though.

Entree Fish Curry. Joe said it's weird to have fish curry on the entree menu. I agreed on that but thinks that it's a good idea because I get to have a smaller portion for trying it. hehe.
It was nice curry, I guess it's too much of the curry powder. Fish was well cooked :)

For drinks, I had the Kumquat Lemonade, mmm very refreshing! I love it! Joe had Cendol. Cendol was alright, wasn't authentic but I think it was good enough.

Back alley way in China town

Look on the second floor..

Somebody is having a haircut! :P

Our Day 1 ends at 10pm. We were dead tired that day because we took the midnight flight. Midnight flight wasn't fun at all. :( Especially flying with crying babies, crappy small seats and no entertainment. So we went back to hotel and SLEEP!!! Preparing for our Day 2 adventure with full energy in Melbourne!

to be continue... Day 2


Franky said...

hey ... how come you can go to dumpling bar in melbourne but not eat big bowl noodles!!! also got dumpling right?! i want tai woon mein when i come back... hehehehe

Jo Serwey said...

how can compare hutong dumpling bar to dai woon minnnnn~!!! nooooooooo... !!!!